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Is peak season but you weren't going to Joe Bangel. There's there's eleven people in line. There were eleven people in line and some of them were like three people together as a party. We're not wasn't eleven different groups. It was like four different groups forty five minutes. Did you band together with those people in like I'm not done. They're out of dirty rice. I get up there I order. They're still had a dirty rice at that point and I didn't even ask for it the route of honey mustard payment post-apocalyptic then we get our T. of course we got sweet. Tea Jesse wanted she said bring me back unsweetened easy and then shepherd overnight. We're going to get sweet tea because we're here. When in Rome we sit down and shepherds I think I got mom's tea and he says let me take any tastes knows no takes my dad? These are all in sweet. I was like shepherd. This is just your ten year old pal. Let me take them. They're all on sweet wheat. Go back up and I say sorry. Do you put a sweet tea. In these sweet tea's okay he forty five minutes later that happened in about seven minutes. It wasn't too long okay. He feels him back up. We go back down and shepherds his dad. There still on sweet taste. He's right right. They have not put any sugar in the sweet tea. I begin to see people who've already waited forty five minutes for their meal getting up and looking at the old man walkabout. He's talking to himself. I was like the Swede is it. He was so he didn't even hear me. He goes up. He gets his tea and then there's a woman better. She's like y'all. T's not sweet. This is bad. I mean I this. This is put sugar in the Thi. This is the start of a riot in North Carolina. There's a bojangles representative. Listening Sinn help to the one in Atlantic beach man because I'm not going to go to it anymore is like I didn't. I don't.

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