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True crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real light crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener discretion is advised. Welcome to true crime brewery. I'm jill and i'm dick. Eighteen year old and she dodge had just moved into her first department back in nineteen ninety six with her. Life was suddenly and violently snuffed out in nineteen ninety eight. A young man named christopher tap was convicted of angie's murder. The prosecution's case relied on chris's confession. The defense argued that the confession was coerced and that the state was ignoring. Dna evidence from an unknown suspect. Angie's heartbroken mother. Carol dodge was left to wonder about the suspect that was still at large after years. Of seeking the real truth carol. Dodge watched chris's confession. Tapes appalled by the interogations. She reached out to an expert in false. Confessions who in turn contacted the innocence project but it would take several more years. And the work of sports in dna genealogy to find angie's real killer and finally exonerate. Chris tap the use of genealogical familial searching and its success in this and other cases has really exciting implications for future criminal investigations. The public has shown approval for the technique overall. However there really are some privacy concerns over the use of private genetic data to implicate a person or even his or her relatives in a crime. Join us at the quiet. End for our discussion. On the murder of angie dodge by putting together a dna profile and identifying relatives in the suspect's family tree genealogists cc more and a dna consulting firm called paragon. Were able to find. Angie's killer carol. Dodge had really been crucial in the exoneration of her daughters convicted killer. Chris tap by casting a bright light on the failings of our criminal justice system. If not for her determination chris would still be an innocent man. in prison and angie's real killer would still be walking free so this is a really exciting case. It's one we've been keeping our eye on for years. Actually so i'm really excited to talk to you about it today. Dick.

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