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Focused on one at a time right now on coach Izzo eighth. Final four he's gone through this so many times. Has he been different this week that in years past? A little bit. I think that he just understands that we got a really good shot at this one in kind of taking it to heart. He's only won one of them. You know, he's trying to change that. And so are we so we're on the same page, and it's not like he's been crazier than usual. He's always crazy. But you know, there's a method to the madness. So we're already for for what's coming best of luck. Kenny, appreciate it. You know, the number that keeps get throwing out is he has won one national championship at the number. That hasn't been talked a lot this week is the fact that they have only played for two. They have lost in the semifinals five of the seven times when we bring Jim Jackson back into all this Jimmy, do you could say you see Texas Tech all throughout this tournament. Do you think Michigan state's going to have problems with the size the physicality and the defensive intensity of the red raiders? It's not that as more to the fact that this red raider defense is so good in their second line. You get beat. You can get by your initial Ponant and. Thank getting, Elaine. And that's when the recovery happened. So it's all about a patient thing. The raiders are not going to be as physical, but they're long they're athletic and they played a spots. And they force you to be on comfortable. That's the middle adjustment. That Michigan state is going to have to make is when they get inside. They're gonna have to make quick decisions. What the ball either? I got the shot or make a play you start to over think you can play right into the hands of what Texas Tech wants to do defensively. Michigan state beat Michigan three times. Two of them want. Comebacks texas..

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