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At home as everybody dreams Says ram Raja Paul and associate Professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford Co authored a recent study looking at the strain electrical vehicle adoption is expected to place when the peregrine He told Yahoo finance today's grid may not be able to support it all boils down to Are you charging during the time solar powers on In Sacramento officials said California great could face a potential shortfall of roughly 1700 megawatts Which would affect the power supply between one and 4 million people this summer That number would likely be exacerbated by an additional short for fall of 5000 megawatts In the case of extreme heat and further fire damage to existing power lines Well if 1700 megawatts affects between one and 4 million people Three times that amount affects between 3 million 12 million people They learn in the nation's most populous state highlighted that delegate dance utility companies face and managing warming temperatures with tightening energy supplies the country moves rapidly away from fossil fuel generation to meet ambitious targets seem to drastically reducing emissions And when these brownouts and blackouts come guess who will be screaming at the top of their lungs like coyotes Cancer will be barking In blaming the private sector you got it The marxists and the Democrat party It's not their policies they cause inflation It's not their policy driving up prices No no no It's not their policies resulting in baby formula shortages and shortages of other foods Now no It's the private sector big fill in the blank California set out to become a leader in the green transition aiming to rid its electrical grid in all carbon sources by 2045 The state is already the nation's top producer solar geothermal and biomass energy With renewables accounting for more than 30% of the energy generated in the strait whip they do And Brown out some blackouts But as California creates a template for other states to follow God forbid The professor says it also exposing some critical gaps that are likely to strain the power grid in the race to net zero especially in the transportation sector with the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption is already underway And this is what the media never do They never put these people to the test At least politicians on on Sunday they have them on constantly They gone on about we need to have zero this and zero that and use electricity Where does electricity come from Globally the number of electric vehicles is expected to swell from 7 million.

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