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Any of them for one year and just take care of the family, and you saw ninety percent of these problems, but the Democrats out of business if you could solve the issue of the family, and what's amazing is a reporter with pro football talk who posted I'm so angry about this. If if he comes back to play just because he's a superstar are not sure I can cover the NFL again. I'm a save this tweet their jock sniffer. I dare say. I bet you're going to keep covering the NFL because it's all you've got. But I will say this. We watch forty players on each team run up and down the football field. Every sunday. And I know plenty of 'em. That are first rate human beings. But as a goodly percentage. That are making babies AA raisin the goodly percentage that are abusive to women in the videos emerge. There's a goodly percentage that are really bad guys in society and contributing to the problems and their millions of dollars have not managed to see their way into those children's pockets more importantly, they're out chasing who wears instead of raising children. Yeah, that's a real problem and that didn't start with tyreek hill audio or the Ray rice video that's a culture this should be dealt with. But it won't plus NFL's fun. Don, you're up. Don europe. Michael. Yeah. Don in Waco. Go ahead, brother, Michael. Yeah. I wanna say shut up to that show. You did Monday. What happened? Where you were talking about Muller becoming turn in from their their messiah to their Judas. That was on. I've been looking for a long time. The. A black line. I was there. When when Ramon spoke both times, it's not going to happen. Again. I can assure you. Yeah. And he'll even they're stuck with you when you were playing that song..

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