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He was in a parade he lost control the source it injured a boy and he was very much drunk so they've charged him with dwi one of the best parades we hadn't years says a one of these spectators but the it went the wrong way when the horse got spooked and the guy got thrown off the horse ran and got outta control did you know that jerry springer apparently was still doing the jerry springer show i had no idea i mean jerry is wow jerry's gotta be old by now multiple media reports say the jerry springer show has ended production in reruns will move to a different channel nobody has had a lucky horseshoe up his rump than this guy it first aired in ninety one has been on the air for twenty eight seasons with thirty hundred episodes i had no idea this was still going on did you guys know that this was going on still i had no clue i guess it's on the cw which i guess that might explain why we know that it was no fence fence but oh the reruns are going to on the cw my favorite i was doing a morning tv show in austin texas in the late nineties and jury had an ad it was right before christmas time obviously he had an ad that i saw it was so funny i i put on the tv was made me laugh at seasons beatings season's beatings from the jerry springer show was pretty fine do you remember john travolta and mister car remember that this whole thing is a stupid idea i think i should give on with a few pointers and getting a date over here first thing you gotta do is vinnie bob marino tried to look from saying mr gada it's like impossible to find it on youtube i guess unless you watch whole episodes i don't know but what memories that brought back memories that brought back john travolta's back in the news but unfortunately it's not good news for him it's about his latest movie and the ratings have got his movie gotti.

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