Prince Albert discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


What are you doing today yeah what do you do neelam i'm a trait there but pasta on your brunswick oh that's so cool cool job you're doing great things kids in their parents to all right it's landing on a game called print all right so how does this game work for neelam well inspired by prints i came up with a couple of trivia questions and then meal and we'll just have to get them right and each answer will have the name prince in it all right neelam you're ready i would try okay just get all the news just get three of these correct okay here we go all right this prince just got married to an american tv actress perry there you i'm still mad about that he was mine this freaky piercing of your private parts is called a sorry what this freaky piercing of your private parts is called a i have no idea that would be a prince albert's prince albert that's okay it's right prince albert okay i'll show you mine if you ever this print this prince would have celebrated a birthday today but he unfortunately passed away april twenty first two thousand sixteen point first team i'm terrible at this game dies would prince pass away that's plates prince prince plans okay you get friends this prince was seeking the perfect woman who could fit this glass slipper oh cinderella and prince oh my god i that you gotta know this he's like he's not cute he's not handsome he's prince i know.

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