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I just think it's the best route from me. I'm trying to be the number one pick for the twenty twenty drives so they got great strength conditioning over there. So off the court. That'd be good. And then on the floor, you know, pros been through their stuff like that. So I'm going to help it just best for me. I think, though is that a smart idea what other idea, did he have? I'm assuming that he is an eligible to play college basketball after all this. So he's going to have to go somewhere Idi goes at D league go to what they trying to get going down under to get these basketball players witted. I mean dude is already lived in Lithuania. It's like I'm generally like I don't know if I want to move across the world if I'm at that age, but this is going to be like pie compared to that. It does feel like the only move available. I don't even know if he's you see even choosing to take his talents anywhere because. Does Lithuania thing happened? And it was disastrous DJBA. Remember that veiled, independent basketball league is dad started that is no more because the G league has come in and basically said, no, we'll take all of those guys if they're good. And by the way, the other thing that lavar mentioned was China. And the last time I saw story involving the ball brothers FM that he was not involved. Not that one four bowl back in China. Really what he wouldn't steal in either. No. But it does feel like voiding the geopolitical mess that, that became sort of shoves him towards Australia. And so, yeah, lavar down under his thing. I suppose the only thing though, and I feel like we need to go ahead and say, no, we ain't got to keep putting his Dita's daddy on TV anymore, by this Lonzo thing got a lot less interesting. Once he went to New Orleans and other Lonzo was not become the player that we thought he might be like, when you see there might have been something to will the bar was talking about that was one thing we don't have to keep doing this anymore at this point, I don't know, and someone who was highly entertained by him and already made a lot more sense than people gave him credit for a lot of things. But there's. Is not a topic list that I feel like hearing from him on anymore. We can we can let this go. This is run. Its course it's cool. They had a nice run. You're right. You're right. And that is sad. Because I did enjoy the guy who was imitating a pro wrestler imitating, Steven Naismith. But it turns out on the serious stuff. Women. Otherwise, he's been clumsy and it's been less fun as a result, too. Inclosing was his video over and over again because I feel like it's really a magic trick. And I want to understand how he did it. You may notice guys, thanks. Brian James look at that we had to pick up on the street and early these hearing nothing like that do what you rub it in their homing. And by the way, for those of you who are curious, we asked. He is not what they did not tell us what correct. He's not the investigation does continue. And, you know where you in that do right here coach you'll hear less. He's a BC has urged his strikes, what nobody in there, like just give this guy chance because we've seen LeBron go through phases before this seems to be the most lustrous and thickest. Well, we'll solid figures the other thing about this. Like I don't know what he rub it on there. But the problem I should put down their phone and do this show. Damn self. You don't need me to do this just doesn't require any skills. You've got this money Jones. You're the guy who gets massages at home. You're telling LeBron James to work in topic into his own self. Massage is totally the same thing..

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