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Bound your thoughts. I mean i think the bigger news would be that you know brie bella probably of over there. Now it's I this is very cool and this is something we talked about. you know. Data braford resume his. Brian known he wanted to wrestle. All he doesn't know how many how much longer he has if you if you think you've got two years left three years left of injury you kind of want gathering test. Your metal always what he was known for before his deputy days So why not go out the same way and if you can get a deal everyday w well that means you're also gonna deal with impact and you can work with japan and aaa because those guys working together so For dinner brian. Who wants to get one. Good last giant run. This is a great move for 'em of a so reminiscent of those flashbacks. The monday night. Wars where like anything you can do. I can do better. It's like well. You know. Brian sam punk awol. Look at the rock. Well you know there's like this back and forth. This is where we this is what you and i grew up on i. It's great to see this going on because it shows that may be ratings. Aren't what they used to be. But obviously you're spending money to bring these names back then. The wrestling money is actually pretty. Good so You know it's just it's just great for wrestling as a whole is back and forth in the rumors and innuendos and everything else to fill live from conrad. is great for the businesses. A whole. Yeah i agree. I think this is fantastic for the business. It's got me excited. I mean especially after the last six months where It was difficult was a difficult time. A lot of people released awa made a lot of signings I thought aws looked a lot better at during the pandemic coming out of the pandemic. We'll talk about in a couple of weeks and just overall for me. Outside point of view is a fan like it seemed like eight. W kept it together while wwe was cutting back and making some weird chains and granted. There are much bigger companies that are publicly traded company which maybe a ford awa a little bit more room than what w we did But these are some big signings. Daniel bryan sam punk. The thing with this right is. Is that these. These are probably going to be around a lot more than john. Zena and the rock. Coming back to me like vince key. Call on those guys. Rock and johnson had come in when they're available from hollywood but punk daniel bryan. They're gonna work limited schedules if they signed with. Aws but they could be called upon at any given moment and This question was asked on twitter today. Dr troy from from michael taylor. We brought this up recently on the podcast. Ironically enough with with some of these actively signings and aid w and of course the internet is not the biggest fan of them though so far So michael asa what will happen when guys and gals and get out of get out of the mid card because aws bringing w we guys in for the initial shock. It's cool but then it gets stale happened. W w w we hope it does not for aws which is a great point right. I mean the reason why we like. Aws right now. Is because people like debbie allen and j f. and jungle boy are getting pushed kenny omega i even use international name was not well known the united states from a mainstream stamp. Like that's what we're getting excited about as a see. These guys and girls doctor bert. Bakker get this opportunity and when you bring in christian cages sting's The jon moxley. Is chris jericho's the impacts and daniel bryan bryan danielson. You get worried about the mid card guys especially when you see people like meter holding titles right now. And to that i will say and i've been definitely critic veda but i feel like i've been very down the them and and you know i'll mention the things that i really like and things that i don't like i really enjoy watching a w every week. I felt that way now for over a year. Plus in and i like the way that they book and and do the creative And i will say that when they bring in these ex-deputy we guys they're not pushing them immediately to the moon right moxley in jericho got those flags in the early part of w because awa needed to they could not come out in the beginning of with unfortunately hang page being the to world champion. That was great business. Move on their part. At the time. I was not favor of it. But you totally understand it. You know since then sting is been working with darby allen and helping raise darby allen's star profile christian cage has been working with jungle boy to help raise jungle boys star profile miro basically for an entire year was in a very low mid card feud or storyline with keep saying and now he's a dominant. Tnt champion in eight w You know i feel like. Aws handle that really well. Jericho has helped. Elevate samuel vara santana ortiz. Even jaeger with the inner circle and he's doing the same thing with pinnacle right now with 'em j. f. f. t. are helping out. Mj f. and shawn spears and wardlow like it. I just feel like. Aws has done a really good job. That i don't think they will make the same mistakes. That w w did but pushing ex guys down our throat and not building any homegrown talent i. I just don't see that happening under tony kahn. And the likes of aws. I'm not really concerned. Even if they bring in san pumpkin daniel bryan to their promotion. I'm not concerned in a sense of getting used right in you know my concern and this will get a lead it with the with the other show starts up is limited time visibility for these guys you know like when you mentioned christian cage is like yeah but he's actually on elevation as or as on guard on dynamite and it just trying to get guys featured into the right spots where you can use their star power to also increase your home run. Took it a stuff with andrade in penza in grape phoenix and pot like that. W guys helping you guys that. Maybe the mainstream doesn't though that you look at Like you mentioned the stuff. We've perfectly caging jungle foyer. And stinging darby al having batches to help. Elevate the other guys in that. Well i think they've done a really good job of not just like he's said. Push into the max much like wcw or even impact days. You know the signs robbing world favorite teenage science booker. T. up world champion. You know that was that was. Wwe aired in her both those companies by doing it. Because you know these guys were as jericho moxley. These guys aren't. The top died in their company out. Punk and brian exceptions but christian had a nice pedal rumba almost felt like it was because of edge that he kinda got that run. You know miro andrade. These weren't the top guys. Wbz so if a guy like that comes your company making the world champion. Already been wb. Nobody now he's the best guy got. I think they're handling these transitions from a w really well by keeping guys kind of in their lane and then slowly burlington back up through like a little. Bit higher yeah. I think they've done a really good job and I think you hit the nail on the head doctor. Train that they've been on top of things This entire time so props to to eight for the way that they handle Bring in some of these. You know big name stars from me. And i don't foresee it being an issue. I think awa will continue to move forward in the right way. And it just seems like for all things considered for a guy who had zero booking experience. Tony kahn And the creative team there At aws has a good head on their shoulders and they've had very creative In recent months so there you go lots of discuss here In breakdown from this week's edition show But it's time to close up shop on this week's addition of s rt couple plugs and sponsors out of the way you can download show every thursday. The bauer shut dot com. Russell chattan on twitter. And this still ah show tunesfeed. Don't forget to rate review and subscribed hopes charts on itunes. You can follow individual on twitter for myself at jeff and for dr troy franken at the doctor. Trae and of course. Don't forget to all the show on twitter at s. rt. You podcast with that being said what is going on the one for world of dutch.

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