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Now for today's home run update sponsored by fix auto the first words it should come to mind after an accident and we don't have that many home runs to talk about the giants did have one tonight which raises their season total up to seventy seven and it was a line shot by joe panic inheritors to an open fast while there is a dry beat the right field download i cooking what the corner ha ha ha johanna konta i have the right ha ha ha that area the crowd when he got a high fastball and he annihilated it is three two three and that tied it up until the ninth inning and then of course uh hector sanches blasted one and now the giants end up losing this one five to three bumgarner did come back self all right we'll take a break on the saturday nights a we've got a little bit more to do with ya but stanton uh yell at chosun suna would you go out and now you know you could take any the names out of the farm system but takes three of them and would you trade those three four that outfielder and key and why i say you'd have to consider doing it because that's the price of doing business today and if you can get a stanton or yell at euro and hose oona it makes what you need on this team and that's outfielders and we saw with chapin we saw with miller last year those kind of trades when you've trading for those kind of players you got to step up to the plate and with josh said and with some of the people on twitter said and then the giants have a lot of money and of course you know they're worth two point 4 billion whatever it is i mean that's billion it ends its billion and the.

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