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It's hard to say it's hard to say what the regulators are going to do with with bitcoin specifically in cryptocurrency in general it's hard to say i i got into the needs just all that the yeah so at an al will abortion up the put a little bit in it just to see let me let me ask you we there is bitcoin and then cryptocurrency what is the difference okay these are also terms yeah so i guess to put the things up front what i want to explain this episode since we had such a messy opening here i want to explain what bitcoin is what a cryptocurrency is i want to give a brief explanation of the technology that enables it to work in the way that it does um it's a combination of several different technologies and then i wanna maybe give leg some options for getting your hands on some but not necessarily a recommendation to do so because i feel like if we dislike skip over that part than i don't know people my go do really dumb things to get it we'll get into our feelings later because i i ask strong feelings give strong feelings about it i i thought i was texting you were like this should is a bubble it's stupid i guess we won't talk about it up i had a so interesting uh things still i quote in whatever but so gay tell me about bitcoin and the ballot timbers or what is the release into cryptocurrency.

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