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It's part and parcel of living up in your head which is to say you get the furthest away from living up in your head you can go well you know um ignorance is bliss and then you get all the way down to my hundred ten pound lab fell who just roll frequently beef he'll be found on his back splayed out as far as she can s play out just in the middle of the carpet in the middle floor and he'll be doing like a weird shimmy move to try to bring himself more pleasure hill like rollover pop up look around and then go back down again and start doing this and we think about that dog doesn't have a brain to brain cells the rub together but that is one happy creature and i i would assume that all your great artists thinkers mathematicians they're always tormented there are there i mean all every movie i've seen about them there's never been a airs a movie about a math genius what's it called half we got lucky he always whistling he had great relationships things are right now it's always like he's gay he care come out of the closet he killed himself like there's no such thing as a happy mathematician and that's gotta where we gotta solve this we got about a vr vr our sakes ever get the rest of the world the new year's resolution is figure out how to be happy well that's the way that it by the way think about adam corolla at at sixteen think of adam girl it 26 look at the like you're leading should this just be shouldn't you be walk around westland every waking moment i look i regard it as one of the funniest people on the planet rightly so.

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