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Then you've lost that element of sexual surprise that we love to talk about here on the august cells in sex exploration hour we want you to do we want you to want more watched the floor getting down with you i wanna move with you sexy aisa now you know what i'm talking about now you know where i'm going i'll go cells in sexual expiration are we continue after this word from our sponsor patino august celts in here for cupertino lou sometimes you need something to greece your way in life well it's the same thing with sex now i'm not here to talk about the specifics of the graphic details of why and how you use and need lubao just be here to tell you that cupertino is the one i've used cupertino for the last forty one years i've been sexually active for fifty and that makes me somewhere in my '70s and no it doesn't it makes me younger because they started younger but okay if it makes you feel better i'm in my '70s but even if i were in my 70s let me tell you what you couldn't handle it on so i forget the youth the rest of the commercial so cupertino liu was developed by scientists at lake geneva for just that kind of a lifestyle when you need it you better reach in the bag and find it if it's not there you're going to be an out you're gonna be ah in the hunt for your life or the hunt of your life looking for cupertino lou you can find it at spelled these a department stores also in their pharmacy section and it's if it sounds like i'm trying to buy time because i don't know what i'm saying that isn't true i do know what i'm saying but i'm haltingly remembering these things and trying to figure out which are important at which are most of what i consider you about cupertino lube is very important but there are some silly extras that i don't really want to add on for instance cupertino lube smells great i asked me if i care right do you know you don't cupertino lou available now at a box lead department stores grim lease pharmacies of course and the gus grissom drugstore.

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