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Were right away agents, who reviewed property is the others included an account cleric technician administrative assistant, and special projects coordinator, it all they had served the city of Virginia Beach for more than one hundred fifty years. These eleven city employees and one contractor were gunned down Friday. What a fellow city worker opened fire inside a municipal building. The day after the shooting city, ficials held a vigil honor them, Virginia Beach. Mayor Bobby Dyer says the city will not be defined by this tragedy. True character of our cities going to rest with our public or citizens, and our neighbors that we share borders with the governor just mentioned. There is an outpouring of love and, but the and willingness to help there is no doubt question or reservation police defied the Osama Dwayne critic. Who had been employed for fifteen years as an engineer with the city's utilities department. Police killed him in a shootout Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, his describing China's actions to steal technology from other nations. And militarize manmade outpost to the South China Sea, as a tool kit of cohesion Shanahan says the US won't stand for Chinese technology theft, and military posturing or not gonna ignorant Chinese behavior. I think in the past people have kind of tip toed around that it's not about being confrontational is about being open and having a dialogue Shanahan spoken. An international security conference in Singapore on Saturday. Democratic presidential hopefuls use Joe Biden's absence at a California gathering to take subtle digs at the former vice president in.

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