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Usually. Very to the point dramatization, and then brought it back to Netflix with more footage and interviews, so there was one out there already that people were watching, and they said Hey, this is big this time to hit with this. And what was the other one going on at that time? Making a murderer was out at the same time to so they wanted. Let's take this old footage. Make in a nice new package and put out this staircase the staircase this series on Netflix and if you don't know because you've never seen this. If! You don't know it just in a nutshell. The story is about a woman named Kathleen Peterson. She was married to this guy that live in North Carolina. Somehow they have a bunch of money. You never really figured out exactly how he's an author or something, and he sold the rights to his book for a movie. The guy his name is, I'm trying to see Peterson is that his name Michael. Peterson is his name, and she died on the stairs, and the whole thing was he shoved her down the stairs, but do they have enough evidence and all the signs that comes in. They find him guilty. He goes to jail, but then his attorneys keep fighting and years later. He's released from jail and he does. What's called an Alfred plea when you do and Alfred play, this same thing happened with. If you're familiar with the West. Memphis three, sending that happened with them. They get granted or retrial or the possibility of a retrial. You as a defendant. Say I'M GONNA put it in an Alford, plea. Plea I'm not saying I'm guilty about saying I'm innocent. I'm saying it's likely with the evidence you have. You would convict me, but I don't have to say I'm guilty I. Don't have to San Medicine. It's an Alfred this guy went back to the house and he's been living there kind of quietly ever since and now the house from the staircase is up for sale. Okay, and there's all these people who are like Ooh I would never buy that. And that's scary and then might be haunted and I wonder if I find myself only one where like I wouldn't care at all if somebody said Hey. I'M GONNA. Give you a discount on this house in there better be a murder discount. But if somebody says. A discount somebody died here I. wouldn't care at all I. Don't think I would care, but now here comes the astronaut with this particular has it has now become a viral story? And I think they're gonNA. Even ask more because there are a murderer or murder beaulieu. Kinda thing. Yeah, where they're totally down, they would even make it I bet into some sort of tourist attraction. Toward so you're saying you think things have changed. You think whereas before it would have been like. Oh, somebody got murdered in this house now. There's almost an element where it's like somebody got. Famous kings in the house at least with the real estate agent behind it has put out this story in order to attract people. That probably didn't know that it was veiled so big house. It's a it's a big house. It's nine thousand five hundred square feet, whoa. This place which is. Of three point five acres is a historic home in Forest Hills Durham, and it's been recently renovated wrought Iron Gates Swimming, pool brick and stone while walkways, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, one thousand nine total rooms, Jesus grand staircase, live game, room, kitchen, island, master, bedroom, wing, and Guess Family Wing Rick Patio with fireplace, late patio, upper lower gallery. Blah, blah, BLAH! Blah, BLAH! The House is now for sale for one point. Nine million dollars, which seems low were I. Guess I. Don't know in that neighborhood like what should go for what it should not go for GIN. In Durham, North Carolina and It's like a ritzy boring area, and they said the houseware Kathleen died. And Oh God. I did not know this unto right now that this house where Kathleen died, and we're much of the staircase was obviously filmed, has since been used as a location and the handmaid's tale ha. Getting Cooler. Going forward here is in the murder thing and then also handmaid's tale of all the places. Yeah, let's shoot this just so we can get you guys in the mindset, actresses and actors in a murder house. It doesn't look familiar to me I. Don't know if they're using the outside of the inside. For handmaid's tale property was used as the commanders home release featured prominently. The exterior shots are very recognisable from the staircase, but also the scenes inside the wood-paneled study inside the home. There's even there's even a scene filmed on the back staircase where Kathleen. That is her creepy. There, but what I WANNA do it. Tell me if you're with me on this. I would want to spend at least one night in there, so if I could spend one night in there, and I didn't hear anything weird on the stairs, or there wasn't some that was creeping me out about the place at night. Fine, go for it all by by would want like one. Let's do that a test. Drive on a house can't do a thing. You say the crap out of it. You bring priests and ministers and the. Anyone is related to the Warren's from back in the day. A- and Get the bed. Do Out, and you hope for the best, but then open it up as a tourist site. Make your money back. Pay That mortgage off radio. Dot Com, just to be to be careful, though you gotta get all of the people from all of the religions. You just get them all over at once. Monster! Get everybody in there and whatever you do in your religion to ward off the spirits. Please do that in here right now. Do you think that that would be I? Mean obviously you go okay. This is a big ass house. I'd like to live in it. I need the murder discount for this to go through, but I mean now it's been two pretty prominent things I. Think the example I'm about to gave is a little more annoying because it's a little more current and a little more popular, but would you live in the breaking bad house in Albuquerque where there's going to constantly be? People taking pictures, and for a short time throwing pizzas on the roof. I think it seems like it would be fun for a couple of weeks. But you would probably get really tired of it. Yeah, after a while, you'd be like. Oh, I also think that I think. The goonies house is very similar to that. Person Lives in the one of the how Gooney. Guy, that, used to work at the station with us, years back, he went and visited that town and went on the entire goonies tour in Portland. Oregon I. Think I. Don't remember where it was. See all find. Is there any place like that Serena that you would want to go like something from a TV show or a movie? That will be prominent that you'd like to visit. First thing that comes to mind is the hotel from. American Horror Story Hotel I think I've seen that. One is the one New Orleans. At believe serves one to New Orleans. You can rent an AIRBNB, and they advertise it as being from that that series American horror story, and it's crazy huge, and it's a really cool place that I've been by a couple of times. Oh, by the way goonies was in Oregon a story arts. And they said. That that place was really popular from American Horror Story. Do you have anything like that? A place that you would wanNA go from movies? TV shows. I haven't really thought about that. I mean you know the the breaking bad house? They only used exteriors for that. But like. I couldn't think of anything. There was one idea that I had one time and another thing that has become an Airbnb that we've talked about before is the house that used to be in the real world key west. You Really WanNa go to know. He always.

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