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This is KOMO exports director, Tom Ackerman, and I'm excited to tell you about a special exhibit at the cardinals museum pain, protection and performance. The evolution of baseball equipment presented by Rawlings this exhibit takes you through the history of baseball gear from the eighteen hundreds through today and features over one hundred historic artifacts. I love visiting the cardinals museum, and I know you will too for tickets and info visit cardinals dot com slash museum. That's cardinals dot com slash museum. Cardinal fan. Ready? I in summer fun pack up the kids and check out Missouri's largest and most visited state fishing shopping family adventure all against the scenic backdrop of the rolling Ozark killed and voted the best recreational lake in the nation. It's all ready for you at my favorite vacation destination. Central missouri. Beautiful lake of the ozone so much stronger so much funding so close to home visit fun like dot com or call one eight hundred front lake for a free vacation guide. Tap athletes. No, the right nutrition can make all the difference. It's the same for many of the nation's top show dogs. They count on Purina Pro Plan with more than one hundred formulas available your pet can to to get expert recommendations for your dog or cat, plus helpful tips. Go to Pro Plan dot com slash my plan. That's Pro Plan dot com slash my plan parade Pro Plan nutrition that performs. Believe in the perfect game. The hard nine the gas, husky backflips uncle Charlie stance. Scorecards and hitting cut off two birds on one hanging banners in that next year is now we believe in cardinals central Bank believes in being the hometown Bank of the cartons. Welcome to cardinals. Checking for those who believe sign for free cartons checking central banking getting exclusive two thousand nineteen cardinals blue alternative jersey and two tickets. Find out more colonels checking dot com. Restrictions apply for per household while supplies last member FDIC. Your home. I ain't Louis Cardinals baseball X. Six. Ramon Arias is playing third base replacing jet Jerko go with an RBI single tied the game at one and the bottom of the fourth inning, Tommy lane. A left-hander.

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