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On top. She how bad it wass for the San Francisco 49, a man who is not breaking down. We broke down the saint's defense and I was down wallet a tighter than Las Vegas Raiders told catch 103 yards and one touchdown. As the Raiders go to know they beat the Saints 34 to 20 for Darren is here on Friday and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio. Thanks to sell pencil performance line, Dad, you're a matchup problem tonight for the Saints. I know it didn't look easy. But what was it like knowing that any time they went to you, you deliver tonight against that pretty good Saints defense. I'm just trying to muscle in on consistency of you know, I always reflect on the early part of my career where I was inconsistent and unavailable in like a really count on me, so I just tried. Happen to that realize, like I have the power to be consistent. I need to do that every weekend. My teammates, you know best ever that I have, and I feel like when I do that, and I'm prepared. I feel like I'll like the results. Well, I can't say what Not only do you like it tonight be a quarterback Raider Nation you were at your team was absolutely exceptional. But you were you've got in this rhythm with Derek are going back to last year. Now into this season describe how that that relationship in this chemistry has evolved over the last few years. Mommy really evolve from when I first got to the team of the 2018 and there between Bible study, it was the place I could come in there and be vulnerable about things. I'll still with I think I've been through in Durban Open never judged me anyway. Once I kind of realized that I was like, Oh, God, that I won't let down. He's always been there for me. Always. You know, talking to me about great news. You know how I could do? No, whatever accomplice wherever I want, accomplish sport a lot into me and so I got down. I want to be there for him. God cares onto the offseason. Any little thing that he wants to try to be there to communicate with him? Because I possibly can. And I think that kind of stuff paid off on that tonight. For those who don't know your story. You had your issues when you select about a Baltimore Ravens 2015 draft was suspended by that team for substance abuse. Got a near death experience in Baltimore. You overdosed in your car. You undergo therapy. You returned the NFL 2018. And now you're doing this two years later. How much do you say to yourself? I know I'm not gonna waste this opportunity, but I'm really appreciate that I was able to find the light side at the going through the dark side. Oh, yes, because I don't deserve any deserve. It is all like bonus added blessing like I screwed up my opportunity to play in the league. I screwed up the opportunity that Relationships with people in life, you know, so it's like the things that are being added back to me being blessed with now I don't deserve them, so I just treat them the most no license of urgency. Every day is treated like it's important. Every activity of drew everything that I'm going through is important. And then it just, you know, I just try to be sane person day in and day out. Just keep improving. You know, Darren when I had reconstructive foot surgery six years ago, I became addicted to pain pills on Diamond Open book about it because I can help one person overcome it. Then it means the world to me. You seem like you have a very similar attitude. What's it mean? When someone comes up to you and says Hey, You being so open about your addiction. Has helped me overcome mine. Yeah. First of all, that's incredible by you. Congratulations to you second off. Yeah, that means a lot to me more than anything or anybody congratulated me on my game or anything like that is like people. Say that I fired him because I looked back, and I was like all the others being from the inspiration for them to say that about me now It's like encouraging me to want to doom or to be more open to encourage people to, you know, try to go about other routes of dealing with their pain and their issues in their life. That what I want, do not want to be of service to people. His former teammate Mike Wallace in Baltimore, said. I remember being in Baltimore, Darren Wahl. I do used to go for 250 yards a day and practice a lot of smiling. A motive is next to it. Glad to see it all come out in the game, and it came out tonight. 12 catch 103 yards touchdown as the Raiders beat the Saints. By Count 34 to 24 Big thanks to Darrin Wallet, Aerated Stein and joining us at the victory here on Friday and Fitzsimmons, keep up to keep up my friend. Congratulations to you and continued success. And thanks for joining us, my man. Absolutely. That was really good of Mike walls. Put that up, and it shows you what kind of person down Waller is that Michael's look, he went through that storm. I'm really happy that he's been able to do this because he used to kill us in practice when we with the Baltimore Ravens. That's a pretty good tweet that Mike Walls put out their former Ravens wide receiver. That's awesome. And he and he is is a remarkable story. It really is men and What he's doing right now again, 90 catches last year, maybe the quietest 90 catches and over 1100 yards that when that no, no one really noticed right there noticing. Right now he plays like an MBA power forward. He looks like Anthony Davis going outside those kind of Kansas. I'll know if he's yelling Kobe when he catches a touchdown pass by Anthony Davis went there by winning Game two against Denver. But Good victor by the Raiders, and they will take that into a murderous got that's going on at this game with a win over the same tonight, this unfriendly FitzSimons in a mighty ESPN radio. God bless and keep cool. Coming up. Tuesday. The.

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