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Ted williams tunnel was felt chryst of ark of the ball frei insurance rotor for next report 453 wbz's doug had that forecast here's your fourday forecast with weather meteorologist pamela gardner lendl up the record cold descends upon us as the win relaxes overnight tonight we dropped to lows in the low twenties some of the suburbs in the upper teens and that wind is still brisk from the northwest between ten and twenty miles an hour and the record low for saturday morning in boston is actually 24 degree set 1901 saturday veteran's day sunny thirty eight milder on sunday partly cloudy forty five partly cloudy monday late shower forty seven and a mix of clouds and sun tuesday forty eight i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 thirty degrees in boston now wbz news time four forty five more news to come with wbz it's history us magic johnson announced he was hiv positive and retired from the lakers this me 1991 this week 1994 the bulls beat the charlotte hornets when the united center in chicago open to the supersonics me the lakers when they keyarena opened this week 1995 also this region 95 are modell officially announced that the cleveland browns are moving to baltimore and this week ninety ninety six yankee shortstop derek jeter was the unanimous choice of rookie of the year two tajol live daily show multi time pro wrestling champion celebrated color commentator an awardwinning podcasters tasr less.

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