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At the guy that he'll be up against next round of the gauntlet of love once we hit. One in the morning in Brian Dawkins And what I've learned is that a guy who plays in one uniform. For the rest of his career it just doesn't matter It doesn't mean anything really I think there's there's some romanticism to. That idea and we often when you talk. About, a player that's done that you name all of these different things about, them and. That's one of the last things is oh and. By the way he played it, so careers a charge like that's that's great but I don't think anybody really cares? About, it like does it make Brian. Dawkins any less likable when he, goes and. Plays a couple of years of the Broncos no we. Don't like Dawkins any less I certainly don't like Brian. Dawkins any less I wish we had him for. Some of those years he made a Pro Bowl after. He went to Denver so I don't feel any worse about Brian Dawkins I don't like him any. Less than I would have, I don't think it necessarily takes away from his legacy either that he goes and becomes Denver Broncos we look at. Chase utley and now he spends this time with the l. a. dodgers does it take away from the, legacy of chase utley No not even a little bit chase. At least legacy is the same if anything it's gotten. Better in Philadelphia since he went away he's got. That slide against the Mets that was a big deal. And in Philly you kinda like he's taking it to the Mets still that's great you see that. Chase utley grows into being dad with the dodgers and they joke about that a lot like that has made chase utley more appealing to me And so when I think of this idea. That somebody there's there's something important there's something. Great about somebody spending their entire. Career in one city it just doesn't mean anything to me I'm not bothered by it the more important things. That you're talking about for somebody's. Career it's how long career did they have. Right. How successful were they in this time. That they were playing Philadelphia? It's, just it's so much more than, the idea that being on one. Team for? Your whole career matters I to me it doesn't, matter at all it really has no. Significance whatsoever it's just a. Nice footnote that, you put at the at the bottom of a paragraph. And that's. About it it's just 'cause it's all relative somebody could play their whole career in Philadelphia right let's say the reflector for all seven eight years of their career That's great but if they stunk by your five and it took until. You're seventy get out of the contract who cares if another guy you. Know you could play seven years here you could play five. Years somebody else somewhere else you could play another two after that three different. Cities and as long as you had that time here in Philadelphia. Were you were great that's what it. Is that's your legacy here. It's not about whether you played anywhere else it's how you, start here how did you finish here. For. Ryan Howard his thing is that the finishing of his legacy he. Spent his whole career here as affiliate essentially Amine is Ryan Howard like his legacy went down because it. Ended poorly but was here so career does. That make it any better no. It doesn't it doesn't make Ryan Howard's career any better here's have a stronger legacy because he ended it with. The Phillies it it's just it's. Just something that people make up into some. Romantic. Thing I I know that sports are, different now when players move Around now but that's a good. Thing it's a good thing to players are. Wearing different, uniforms it means that they're not stuck because as much as we get caught up in the teams, I'm glad the players have, the opportunity to go elsewhere before you didn't. Have free agency it took. To what nineteen eighty-seven. For NFL free agency we're talking about player strikes in. Reggie White being that first free agent to hit the market I didn't want I. Well not that I. Didn't want to lose. Reggie White I didn't exist but nobody wanted. To lose Reggie White at. That time and and that's a shame but?.

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