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By you. Know howard hughes aircraft and includes a piece of on the of the h four hercules from the would And the the the folder it comes in has a piece of the canvas which From it and it which is pretty. Cool I got an erica's originals. Strap which i really like these are from. I believe holland Made by this woman named erica. And they're really cool because they're like nato straps but they're they're elastic and so you can take them off and they have no Extra anything. They're elastic that yeah they're elastic. So you can make them kinda tight and you don't have the extra slack and You just clip it on like this. They're called the immense strap. Yeah eric dirigibles. They're very cool the strap and they make the watch like the bosphorus straps like the canvas ones like hans axon. I had on this before. They're awesome. That's the canvas joint and that will last a thousand years. It'll be the cockroaches and that canvas strap. But i have big risk to begin with and that strap is on the bulky or side it turns into like a tough almost which is cool sometimes but i want to change up this st tighter to the wrist thinner so if you wanna go under sleeves with the watch this is a this is a little bit easier. Yeah this still holds. Its shape that shit rules. Double their canvas very tough. No right answer folks. you can go anywhere you want. And so shots to mont for for having the faith in this little program there We were supposed to do a lot. You want we're supposed to do a photo shoot with the wash morning. We forgot the they were working on cars. We're working filming cars up there. Yeah so we did and it was a nice day on the hill Yeah it was quiet good weather. We chose a good road. There was no people. That's a fun road. Yeah i was wondering if it was going to be foggy we drove through. Fog the holy up there but it was The do we have. How much mach one do we get through on the last show. Lot right with dave the media a lot of mach one a medium. And mach all right. We talked a lot about it what he was doing what he was doing. My brain has not right function because For for that kind of stuff. I talked to the same car. You're driving around you talk to eighteen people. I don't remember if i said in that conversation on Also but we both drove this morning and that is very nice car. Yeah so very nice car. It's just it can be a little tiring drive it is. It's big and i think it has the visibility out. The front is way better than a camaro like you know where the ends of it are But you're are in the canyon. Which was tight i was like. This is a very big. I know the tires are. But i don't have much room on either side ryan. I really don't and in front splitter which is plastic so you're not worried about losing a thousand dollars but like it's still pretty low and extended so yeah so handling package has the splitter extender which does make it substantially more annoying to drive in the city. The splitter extender is too low for car absopure's like if you're pulling into a parking space at the mall like you will hit that car you're not gonna clear that concrete thing You're not gonna clear the sidewalk the basic you know curb right the sidewalk curb speed bumps i i found. You don't have to wear that It's not the end of the world but like that option. So the handling package gives you the front splitter the extension on the rear wing laura wing just a little gurney flap and then bigger wheels and cup to tires. So that's what you get for it. I might advise not getting it. Yeah i don't look cool. I mean if you're tracking a lot like need to track it a little really wide front tires because the handling kit gives you the same size wheels as the. Gt three fifty are. they're just made of aluminum. not carbon. right which is good for most people. I think you probably don't want those carbon wheels even though it makes car really nice to drive like if you're willing to be super super careful with your car. Definitely get them. If you're not willing to be careful don't get them It's a it's it's really a big deal Can we talk about what happened at the track with it but that will with the carbon wheels. Yeah which time the one time. That exploded You were you there for that. We would shoot multiple explosions. I i just don't i've been on shoots where carbon wheels had a big problem. Yeah meeting track curbs right. That's that's that's all that really needs to be said. Yeah because in. In the instance i heard about Carbon wheel didn't just take itself out. A shard of it took out another wheel another tire. Oh well i mean yeah. That's the thing with them right. They dumped his bend. They kind of they can shatter or at least shed. A you know some of their weight and those things can be kinda sharpened poking if they're going to retire the wrong way like that's what's gonna happen. Yeah but i think we've also heard stories of people that are just if you're just driving around with carbon wheels like if if in la we have so many expansion joints in potholes and just bullshit over time like you're going to get these little tiny cracks in the wheels and that could add up so i think meals aren't cheap. They're not cheap. They're great but you need to really assess what your areas like and where you're taking them. Same with the front splitter like what are you really doing with the car. Do you need the handling pack to be cool or to add all the options. So you can sell it at mecum in twenty-fifty like front splitter good news is just made plastic like it's not you know you scrape it up you crack it like whatever it's just annoying that it's there if you don't need the downforce break you know having an aluminum wheel versus a carbon wheel is a practical thing. Yes And but when you've got front engined mustang As we've learned. I've said over and over with these fast mustangs to make them really handle you have to go square stance but the downside is it makes them tramline. It makes them darty. It makes them to hands on the wheel. Experience like.

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