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But I thought it was excellent men and once again all the actors from the first one came in they up their game their performances were that much better actually felt Michael Jordan gave a better performance in this one very emotional performance. Yeah. A lot of heavy subject matter. I I didn't think it was as good as the first one. But it was actually a good successor, especially its reboot of a great franchise and the sequels very hard to do. And I didn't think it was as good. But it's still very good movie. Yeah. I think my favorite part of the movie was Drago and his son they'd times where I thought. This movie should've been called Drago. That'd be an awesome spinoff to Drago. I thought it was great because they took this two dimensional villainous the red scare and they made him a three dimensional character. Where we see the the downfall of this athlete that was considered a God in his home country and after losing to rocky his like, Android. Yeah. I mean, th the scenes were they explained it. We're really good. I wish they would have went into it more. That's why I thought this really could have been there movie and the boxer who played his son. I mean, he doesn't have a lot of lines. They both don't have many lines. But they're so imposing physically he's fucking mountain Ajay's. He is mountain. Yeah. He's a big do where I'm watching this late. Yo like, this is not realistic because heavyweight and Michael Jordan's like a welterweight. Now, he goes up the heavyweight he's a professional boxer right in real life that actor. I think he's a fighter. He is. He is Jose monster. Yeah. But that story to the dynamic of that relationship because we've seen that before where it's the father that's living by care. Obviously through his son lavar ball, and it kind of creates a strain. That's funny. That's funny. But even with that where the way that their relationship where they end up at the end of the movie is a very heartfelt place where you sympathize with these characters you can understand why they they're doing what they're doing throughout the movie. And I thought that was great. And so that's our Sologne is rocky. He's great playing this OBI one boxer character. Yeah. With all his witticisms is rocky sent you this three steps open to that ring. But it feels like a mountain, but they're all great. I mean, Michael Jordan, Tessa Thompson. How was the choreography with the boxing though? Did it seem real six? Really good. It wasn't like a one shot from the first film. But it was really good. I think the fights that up. They stand up any rocky movie they're much better than the original series. Because let's face it fighting and rocky four was oh God, it was so should adopt. These are very well done. You kind of like there's a couple of POV shots where like you feel like, you know, you're in the fucking ring you're getting hit. Yeah. And it's you see this whole king, man. And even Michael Jordan. He's fucking Ritz. Like, you really invested into the fight. It's actually it's like you're watching a real fight. You're rooting for creed. But at like, he was saying before you got so much insight to draw goes character where you kind of want him to win two. You're seeing all the things him and his family went through and him personally, especially with his father bearing down on him and living vicariously through him. He had his own weight too. And it'd be great to see that fleshed out, and maybe different film because I don't know if I wanted another create these first to our creed. The first grade is a mess like probably one of the I think it is the best rocky movie, I'll say this felt like a finale eight I don't know how the hell they made eight rocky movies moved over to to that were good. I. I love four. But it's not like you hate America. What you did? That will actually wasn't for the last one on your list. No fourth. Awesome fours. Like my number four. Oh, it's awesome. But it's not a good movie. I liked for better than rocky one. Well, it's a training. Montage, montage montage. The best one was sage he takes them to like hell, this is where boxers go desert born and he's fucking..

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