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Got us abundant day back at it. The weather wise. What are we looking at? We're gonna assigned from our storm. That's going to be sweet into the central states later this week. We are looking at a storm system that's going to develop right along the coast right in the wake of this cold front. Swept away the the beautiful warm weekend. Temperatures from the east coast. This new storms expected to intensify near the Atlantic beaches of the southeast sometime Tuesday tomorrow. Now that storm will be preceded by a band of rain in northern Florida and southern Georgia today starting to see some of that in the big bend area. Gusty winds are going to be stirring up. Some rough surf admitted the Atlantic beaches today rip currents may threaten anyone. Brave enough to enter the cool waters. Taibbi Allen Georgia as well as Jacksonville and Daytona Beach in Florida. The coastal hazards may increase at the beaches of the Carolinas by Tuesday as this storm strengthens beach erosion coastal flooding can occur especially at high tide. Heavy rain and gusty winds forty plus miles per hour could see some flash flooding and some of the low line in poor drainage areas as well as some sporadic power outages. Some rain will spread back to the interstate eighty five corridor from Charlotte and Raleigh North Carolina on Tuesday, if the storm strengthens closer to the coast rain could actually target communities even further to the west if the rain reaches the southern Appalachians. It's not out of the question. We could actually see some snowfall further to the south a few heavy thunderstorms may develop and track across central Florida on Tuesday. Now after the storm impacts the southeast AccuWeather said they're favoring attract that allows most of the northeast to escape the heaviest rain in the strongest winds. As the storm looked more likely to target Nova Scotia, the exception may be southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and down east Maine where you'll see maybe a six to twelve hour period of some heavy rain and strong winds late Tuesday into Wednesday. Winds may gust around forty miles per hour. On Cape Cod. Even in that scenario looks like with the storm could bring at least some rain to the coastal areas from coastal New Jersey to eastern Long Island Tuesday night. Some rain maybe grazing other communities in eastern New England later Tuesday into Wednesday as well, maybe some minor traffic delays in Boston.

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