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And caution will also be he is itself to the trump administration slap tariffs on more than a hundred billion dollars in Chinese imports effective today in Washington the fifteen percent duties are on a lot of consumer products and the U. S. is planning to slap tariffs on an additional one hundred and sixty billion dollars on goods including laptops and smartphones for me to send them well the new US tariffs on Chinese goods made the trade war is finally hitting apple for real more on that from Bloomberg Sinise Pellegrini the new tariffs that went into effect just after the stroke of midnight here on the east coast include fifteen percent levies on apple watch's air pods home pods IMAX some beats headphones and possibly on some repair parts for iPhones and the nand flash storage component the iPhone won't be hit with a fifteen percent tariff until December fifteenth and summer hoping for a trade deal before then but Max Baucus former ambassador to China and former US senator says don't count on it China has begun to hunker down China's began to got wait this out China thinks of the day can weather the storm more easily than president trump for Americans think they might it's not clear if apple will absorb the terror of costs or pass them on to consumers Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg daybreak Asia well I did Tanis government is imposing currency controls it's trying to prevent people and companies from rushing dollars out of the country Bloomberg Philip sound as in Santiago says political instability triggered the rush with investors panicking on signs the market friendly president merit Siamak rate is going to lose coming elections or call has completely turned out of the economy people started pulling money out and those lost going for ten billion dollars in reserves in the space of a few weeks and he's now had to resort to the very type of policy but he criticized two three to sensitive so much for commenting attention as pesos the twenty five percent last month all right let's get a check of how markets are faring in early Asian trade this Monday here with Brian Curtis pride Julia yes for a little bit lower you rent through most of the main stories we've got the Hong Kong story U. S. China and also Argentina couple of other things south Korea's exports extending their slump in the month of August as the feud with Japan kind of adds to some of the other uncertainties with US China trade war and this one Japanese companies increased their capital spending in the three months through June although it was actually down from the previous quarter and Costco wholesale you remember the the stories we had last week about the mobs of people in China you know swamping the store well cosco is planning to open its second outlet in Shanghai according to the national business daily and they quote the company's chief financial officer Richard Galanti so a couple of interesting things dollar index right up around ninety nine now the you don't again at one oh six twenty euro under about ten of one oh nine the yield on the ten year one point four nine percent a lot of interesting components here to track will do it again fifteen minutes Juliet back to you thank you Brian well Hong Kong purchases say they can not back down it will continue that process Bloomberg's and Baxter has a look Lebanese in.

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