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To thirty third buy a whole book in line still some residual a following and earlier broken rail situation our next topic a day less than ten minutes on WCBS and now the five day forecast from Michael sini clear to partly cloudy early this morning brisk and chilly low thirty seven in Central Park later today sunny to partly cloudy hi fifty two degrees Thursday night becoming cloudy with some rain well north and west of the city overnight low forty six in Central Park Friday showers through the morning and early afternoon otherwise mostly cloudy breezy milder Friday hi fifty six Saturday a chilly day with sunshine giving way to clouds type forty five degrees rain Saturday night may mixed with snow and sleet well inland overnight then for Sunday rain in the morning becoming increasingly windy with clattering for some afternoon sunshine Sunday high forty seven Monday partly sunny I fifty should not forget to say traffic and weather together was sponsored by exigent corporation thirty million people come down with the flu every year could be you or your family the best way to tell if it's a cold or the flu by taking your temperature and no one does that better than the exigent temporal scanner right now it is forty one degrees over at Newark liberty airport how to live audience of forty one as well it's four fifty AM robots long since replace workers on assembly lines in American factories but now a Washington DC think tank put out a report saying a lot of white collar jobs could be next to fall to artificial intelligence of the seven hundred sixty nine occupations analyze the Brookings Institution researchers estimate seven hundred and forty could be exposed to complemented by or completed by a hi if a I also went up creating new jobs and new industries the way past technological advances have well that's not yet clear CBS news correspondent Vicki Barker on the story celebrity birthdays this singer Carly rae Jepsen this thirty four now actress Goldie Hawn is seventy four Phil Donahue's wife actress Marlo Thomas is eighty two former giant all the favorite TV host Michael Strahan is forty eight now NFL hall of Famer from the cowboys now supports castor Troy Aikman is fifty three end at all baseball hall of Famer Ken Griffey junior's fifty now it's four fifty one seeking solutions to the drop out problem with CBS on each occasion I'm doctor Steve Houston I detail twelve reasons why so many high school students quit as I keep saying knowing the problem is half the solution therefore only half done coming up or ways to overcome these obstacles first increased family involvement education isn't bell to bell just so much can be accomplished at school develop parent education programs at the start of the school year and several times during special program should be designed for parents new to the school ask is come to school every day a priority does the student arrive before.

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