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I think that was more of a both guys knew they were about to fight moment. This ham punchy pool really, I don't think pools saw that coming expected it and draymond's way bigger than him. I don't know. That's a little different. And the whole point of the last dance was many of the points, but he was a bully from the day. As soon as he became but you can also be that way when you're the best player, not only on the league or maybe of all time. Draymond. He led by fear who has a new contract coming up, right? That he wants to get an extension for. His worth in that finals was kind of coming and going. Remember, he got benched at one game and I'm sure he's worried about that and he wants to get a new contract and I don't know the disease of more in the Pat Riley stuff. I do feel like you can feel it. And it's interesting because Kerr is such a student of the game and I haven't talked to him about it, but I know he knows all the signs, right? For a title defense. Is this in place? And this is my chemistry good is my best part good. Is everybody good? Do I have the right leadership? Do I have to deal with contract distractions or trade rumors, stuff like that? Now they have distractions, which is the part I still am going over 52 and a half because I think the talent is ridiculous. And I think that's, I think this is going to be a really good team regardless. I just don't see how they're not better. They have especially if moody's good. Defensive stretch. They had a really bad offensive stretch but part of that is obviously because curry missed so much time and then curry was in this kind of weird stretch where he couldn't hit his shots and I don't know if that was partly the record, but then as they closed, you weren't sure about what the offense was going to be and yet they still end up winning a title. So I don't think there's another team that's in front of them that they're scared to death of. You know, there's no version of them from like 5 years ago. And if the draymond thing doesn't work out this year, maybe they trade him for sohan. What? I guess we're all ambivalent about whether or not draymond's on the team for the balance of the year. He's on the team this year. I have a hard time believing they would go into the playoffs without him. Okay. I wouldn't bet my life on it. No, I'm not betting my life on it. I just think you really think they're gonna, if that team's rolling the way we think they're rolling, they're gonna be 20 over 500 and they're like, hey, let's trade fucking draymond. I think about it. I think it would be more if they feel like they can't get past what happened. I think athletes get past this shit way better than we do. I'm sure you're right about that. The warriors record since January 1st to the end of the regular season, what do you think it was? This past year. Yeah. How many games? 48 games. They want a bunch of them. What do you think of us? 32. What do you think of us? I hate these quizzes. There were 26 and 22 for the last 48 games. Maybe just when you mentioned how they were struggling the second half of the year, they really struggled. So that would be the fear with this 52 and a half is what if they hit a little bit by that. But I just think the

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