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Hello. I'm well. Tweet numerous missed the Baltin maths podcast with me crepe Barton. I show ain't people who interest uninspired me from the world of education this around ice boat to Mark mcchord. And I will tell you this. It is an absolute cracker. But before we dive into that a quick word from our brand new sponsors Q, the fancy music. This. This must podcast is proudly sponsored by line. Now what he's lying. I hear you say of suddenly got a citrus fruit sponsoring this podcast. Well, not quite limestones for leaders improving muffs education. It's completely free Matz specific CPAP in the northwest on its flipping brilliant blind started like an Oldham back in twenty fourteen. And now, not only is the lime Oldham this lime Blackburn and his lime salted of these line of had many great speakers low to those actually appeared on this podcast. For example, Bruno ready will EMMY and Joe Morgan they've even got the Manu keeps define me when I tried to get him on this show, the dawn himself big Don Stewart, the next sessions lined up our in Oldham mathematical thinking. And in Blackburn Jonathan hole the crater of math spot. He's coming down or coming up. I should say to discuss using manipulatives to teach negative numbers. And then some joker is appearing insulted to discuss variation theory and reflect expect check the further information, please go to Lyme, CPI dot co dot U K that's lime CPI dot co dot UK and click on the events to find sessions local to you. And I'll tell you are I've been looking to line quite a few times over the years, and we get people travelling in from all over the show, and I'm northern obviously. And I'm a bit biased, obviously. But it's so great, Tom this quality CPI opened the northwest as opposed to having to go to London or even Manchester or something like that. So even if you not all that close it's worth making the trip to the northwest for some of these wonderful events on wonderful speakers. So just a reminder if you want to know more go to the web address, which is lime CPR. CB dot co dot UK and also follow the three different events on Twitter. That's at lime older at lime be WD. And at lime salted and I'll pull those links in the show notes. Line. You're interested in spreading the word about your product service or event, two thousands of the very very very best listeners in the world. Then Trump me an Email miss the Martin maths at genius dot com to find out about some of the sponsor packages that we have available anyway back to today's episode with Mark mccord's now where to begin with Mark's career is donate all as a former classroom teacher AST head of department senior leader heads each that inspector director of the NCAA TM founder of the teacher development, trust creator of EMAS. And now who is the CEO of LaSalle education, which among other things gives the woman full maths comes that. You'll have heard about tons of times on this podcast now regular listeners of the show will be a weather. This is marks second formal appearance on the podcast. Join the first back in twenty sixteen. He make a few outlandish claims my personal favorite of which was the is never. Oh, mart a book in his life. And I've listened to this conversation. I'm pleased to report that it seems. He was just getting warmed up back in twenty sixteen with some of those claims so in a wide ranging challenging and alternately fascinating conversation, Mark, and I discussed the following things and plenty more besides Mark gives us an overview of the history of mastery and chastises me for claiming it's being talked about more in the last few years that any of the point in my career and dealer snus, you'll be pleased to know that this is not the only time Mark chastize is me during this conversation. Mock introduces the concept of a learning episode and the four phases that comprise it. We discuss example, problem paths, low stakes quizzes and variation theory. Then what is bridging a why am I not entirely convinced by then we play new game which Bentley just to this conversation, which has the county title. Mark tells your thoughts on on. I can tell you. Now, Mark is in sparkling form as. We discussed everything from starters to mock exams to schemes of work. Now mount is one of my favorite educationalists. I always learn something from it. Whether I'm listening to run a workshop enjoying a beer with him or reading his tweets. I find him challenging mostly in a good way. And I absolutely love this conversation on a really hope you will enjoy it to the usual plugs before we get started my book, how I wish I taught Massey's still available from all good and all evil bookshops. If you want to sponsor this podcast, then just drop me an Email, and now you can also support this podcast via patriot and sign up to buy me a mellow birds a month. Details are in the show notes or you can just go to patriot dot com forward slash Mr Barton maths. And finally, I'm hosting a brand new series of podcast called inside exams. Reiko behind the scenes of an exam board asking the questions you want answering such inside exams wherever you get you podcast

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