Friday, Chicago, Butler County discussed on Bill Cunningham


Catch Mark NewsRadio, 700 wlw Radars Clear and our temperature is 79 degrees in Cincinnati and Ohio Supreme Court. Ruling today on the Madison School district in Butler County. The 43 ruling says teachers are not allowed to carry a gun at school without proper law enforcement training, and that means passing and improved Training program or already having 20 years experience in law enforcement. It's not enough to just get a concealed carry permit. Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones doesn't like the ruling. He blasted Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor. Justice O'Connor. That's her name. It doesn't surprise me at all. She usually votes Democrat She's very liberal, bleeding heart liberal Sheriff Jones on the Bill Cunningham show just a few minutes ago, President Biden said to give a major speech this afternoon outlining his anti crime strategy. And crimes been on the rise over the last 18 months more than 300 people killed just in Chicago this year. Vice President Harris going to the nation's southern border and El Paso, Texas, is coming Friday. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, speaking on Fox News says that Harris is not going to the part of the border where the true problem why you need to go to the Donna Tent facility, which is the tent city. Your administration is built. That is massively over capacity that has kids in cages. Cruz also.

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