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Violence of the capital? With the 10 30 report. Rick you Chino breaking now debate underway in the House with some bipartisan support for impeaching President Trump for a second time, the latest now on an update from ABC News. Today, the House of Representatives is poised to impeach President Trump for the second time as the debate got underway, Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said. We are debating this historic measure. At an actual crime scene. And we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the president. United States Democrats are charging the president with incitement of insurrection. After that mob stormed Capitol Hill one week ago, Donald Trump and his allies were stoking the anger. Of a violent mob. At least five Republicans have said they'll vote to impeach the president. But Tom Cole of Oklahoma said Congress should move on to the nation can begin to heal. I can think of no action the house could take It's more likely to further divide the American people and the action we're contemplating. Today. Source tells ABC Speaker Nancy Pelosi would send the resolution to the Senate next week queuing up a trial No president has ever been impeached twice. Ryan Clark. ABC News as soon as the house is set to vote will have it covered for you. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the use of help traffic center that you see health weight loss center offers solutions from I've changing weight loss visit, you see health dot com slash weight loss to take the next step problems. Some found 75 on the Brent Spence Bridge. Left Lane is currently blocked off with an accident traffic backing up quickly towards Ezzard Charles. Better news on South Bound 71. The exit ramp to fight for is now open once again after an earlier wreck. Chocking Grim news.

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