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Not processing those thoughts. So we're GONNA take that little bit of beauty That comes from the situation that we are all in in thankful for it but that does still leave the guilt that we feel the sadness we feel from not to see our loved ones. If I knew my mom was in a memory care community and I could not go see her and she was there. It would just drive me crazy all it really would. I am admitting that to you because I wanNA see my mom every day and I would be so lonely and sad not being able to see her now. Know How that feels because they can't go see. Mama 'cause she's in heaven and so it's a similar feeling. Yeah that you're missing your love one. But the guilt from that is your responsibility. Guilt comes from within if someone else's placing guilt on you. You've got to accept that guilt if they're trying to place guilt on you and you don't accept it then. They didn't win. Don't then don't hang around with those Taymor because they're not nice but don't accept that guilt. You're doing everything you can do and I know you are because you listen to this podcast or you watch the videos. You bought my books. You're reading your educating yourself. You're doing everything you can for your loved ones. That's what you're supposed to do. You know God calls us to do what we can do. He doesn't expect us to do what we can't do. I've always heard who guide calls. He equips now. He may not equip you before he calls you but when he calls you he will equip you and you've been called to caregiver and he will equip you to do that and right now your job is to make sure they're safe by keeping them in that quarantined environment which is a great thing in taking care of you. Let go of that guilt. It's not helping you in any way and it's hurting yourself and your loved one who nature here because you want to be as well as healthy these fossils win this quarantine lifted in light goes back to normal oath please. Lord let that be soon then you can go visit them and be at your best. Don't accept that guilt. Just just don't do it and the other thing you've got to remember is in the process of all of this all of this downtime where all having use it in ways that are beneficial for your health. Maybe it'll give you more time to get outside and go for a walk or or to ride your bike. That's what I like to do in a like to go to the pool. I'm just praying. Oh please Lord that they don't close my pool. I will be very sad about that but time to read time to talk time to saying time to write letters you got. I got a letter today for my friend was T. and brought back written in Green Eight. That is the hardest thing to read because it's in this light green ink but an actual handwritten letter who does that anymore will misstated and it was fun for me to get that to get that letter today. Take the time and write a letter to somebody not an email. We get those all the time week norm actually write a letter and drop it in the mailbox do things that are time consuming that you never have time to do now. You have time to do but don't use this time to lay upon yourself and accept guilt for not. Doing which can't do that's not smart so let's not do that. That would make as much sense as Being guilty for not being able to fly to the moon. You can't find them. You can't do that. I'll post above it so feeling guilty because you can't do it well that's not smart you also cannot visit your loved one. They're not going to let you in the building. Let's celebrate a thir taking care of everybody in that building and by protecting them by keeping all of us away. Let's celebrate that accept what it is? Look forward to changing. We can pray for our loved ones of where we do a lot of that so I got a prayer of the other day. If I can find it here let Sam will make a few clicking noise. I am in the process of becoming certified through the order of Saint Luke. It's a group to healing ministry and I very much like what they do Let me see Ya. I'm hoping I can find this prayer. That one of the priests wrote on his part of the order of Saint Louis Glitzy. Oh it's not there anyway. I just bearing much like here. It is here it is. I'm just GonNa read this to you. Maybe this will help you in the stress that you're feeling in this time in our lives time in our world and this time in your caregiving journey it's written by Father Nigel Mumford. And it's a prayer for the global cessation of cove in Nineteen Corona Virus Lou. Chapter Seven verse. Twenty one said Jesus had just thank. Your many people have diseases plugs in evil spirits in had given site Dominion Blind. So here's the prayer by father. Nigel Lord Hemmer Supineness Christ. Have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy upon us Lord we call upon you and your holy name to have mercy upon the Globe and all nations area we boldly pray that cove in nineteen would cease and desist in your blessed name. We pray for those who are at risk or have weakened immune systems we pray for those with respiratory issues. We pray for all medical workers and first responders we earnestly for the medical technicians working on a clinical breakthrough. We pray for those who are traveling and those who have been sneezed upon or call upon Lord Jesus all at our mustard seda faith that this will not continue to grow. Lord we believe in take onto believe by faith without doubt in the name of Jesus Christ by the POWER OF HIS CHRIST. Enda Corona Virus scudded nineteen cease and desist. Now no uncertain terms may each tiny cell of missed be super naturally taken cleaned and healed God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have mercy upon us and he'll us in your job most blessed name we pray. Thank you guys. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you holy Trinity Hill us and make us whole especially like that part. That said May each tiny cell of missed be super naturally taken cleaned in. He'll that's pretty good. Thought there. Let's think about it that way. Don't take on guilt. It's not what you're supposed to. You're supposed to take on happiness. Joy Peace love kindness. All those things you can give to somebody else. A man don't hear name man write me back with your commands. Carol at let's Talk Dementia Dot Org. And if you're watching this on you to would you subscribe impressed light button? Thank you very much blessings and smiles on this day in this odd time in our world. Bye Bye let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot in dot org. They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol. Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the bedroom or both editor bed you can find Miss Beth crosby at editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing at looking at what you've written in making sure it represents you will find her at. Www dot editor Beth dot com and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. That's your county eighty three nine eight five zero nine eight five. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining US. Today for Carol. Howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled. Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon. In paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on. I tunes remember. Knowledge Brings Power Power Brings Hope hope brings smiles and we all need more smiles. Thanks for joining us today. 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