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Okay. good afternoon gentlemen. And ladies their social belonging. Along david you've got you you're the manager of the dodgers you get to pick either max scherzer or walker bueller to start a one game playoff biggest game of the year who you give him the ball to. Oh yeah again. Seven world series or anything. One game playoff. It's sure zor all the way. He's like a dog. He's just i mean you watch him and what he does and his highlights emotional. Yeah and not only that I mean it's just they're both great but if it's a one game or a seven game seven use all of them and this is the guy where it comes down to a game and you have to pitch him and they will. It's not even taken opinion. they'll i. I don't i think it's is an opinion. I think it is the opinion of two people in los angeles. Steve mason. Greg berman anybody with a brain gives the bald assures her. You can't not pitch this guy. He's been unbelievable. You're really not going to start the likely cy young award winner game if unless max scherzer shows me something over these final three weeks that he that he's struggling with something or an injury. There was something about hamstrings. They were talking about if he's healthy. If scherzer's healthy i absolutely starting here's Unprecedented to not start the cy young award winner and a one game playoff. Here's daniel in santa ana. Hey daniel you're on seven ten. Espn guys finally get to talk to longtime listener. First-time caller thanks. Max scherzer in there for game. One of for that playoff game in the wildcard because he's five has an era just about one and can we pitch against saint louis walker dealer. He would be the one as so in case it serves it gets in trouble. Go to bueller right away. And then i want to mention before i go. Listen to your answer off the air. Why is what. He has not getting serious consideration. Saigo thanks thanks man. He's he's got a lot of wins but his era is is not as low as buehler's and shire's and mace. I think he is going to get some votes. Julio your es. but. I don't think he's gonna win it. I think he should get votes. I think he will get votes I was just pulling up number. So you mentioned. He's got fifteen wins right. Yeah which i think is tied for the major league. He's got sixteen wins. He's sixteen and three with an er. A of whip of an era of two point. Nine seven yeah and so scherzer's at one point zero five. He's a two point. Nine seven scherzer's season areas iron. One point do you see what you guys are arguing about the. You're talking about three guy. Yeah no you're not sure zor bueller they're gonna be in the top five in the cy young voting would be anybody's number one right sue but guys the fact that you either one of you who are huge baseball fan both of you would consider not pitching max scherzer in a one game. Playoff befuddles me. What is what's yours additioning for that role for that job and you said all right. We're gonna pitch him five games in and that will give us a good sample size. Let's see how he does and he comes up with five and a one point zero yara with sixty three strikeouts and then you sit him. Here's the thing you don't choose him right walker walker. Bueller is the ace of. This squad has more years. No he is and he still is in every single big game that he has been including a game 163 including a game seven including a game five that would push them into the next round every big game in the playoffs that he has pitched it. He pitched well and one them. Those games you stick with the guy that got you there that you stick with the guy that is your is your ace for years to come not just this year years. The guy don't shares are sticks around idle or is there about years to come that cloud new. You said years to come twice. I'm talking because it is used to come but that does not relevant to this discussion. It's not right now. And i'm talking about not pitching the cy young award winner and a one game playoff. That's insane right but it's insane but every caller has agreed sherzer by what's weird. We did this last week. And every caller pick bueller. I wasn't completely present. I mean whoever was arguing for sherzer was a boob. The was it momo momo. She was arguing but she was on our side. We both said it was bueller last week. I think we're all preserve this last. Start this saturday night starting again. i don't i don't have anything negative to say about bueller. I'm looking at the greatness of sherzer texts from abc. Seven kurt sandoval. Oh hey kirk. John remind these knuckleheads. How bueller did this weekend against the giants bullpen. the giants bullpen. beat walker. bueller. Sherzer is the guy in a one game play. Making my point. He's occurred hurt is a victim of one game. Day start. yeah. I don't care about that i think has been can't do more than this dudes done. He's been unbelievable. I think he's played himself into. I mean he's gonna get a monster heel at age thirty seven. He's going to get a monster free agent deal. He's been he's he's done. He's ver- lander. Let me tell you when we come back. I haven't had a chance to talk about this you talked about. ucla. I want to talk about usc plus at ordure on in his little confrontation with a fan and by by the way something has come out of that. That will explain coming. Good all right. That's all coming up for you. Mason ireland seven ten espn..

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