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And i'm going to say i'm pretty much an expert in movies from the late. Eighty s through the early ninety s We had a west coast video which was like in walking distance from my house and they would save the new films for us like remember it was really like a covert operation by say What can i say save. Batman was coming out they would keep one for us instead of putting it out on the shelf because everybody would like rush the shelves to get the movie But they would keep one for us which was cool and even give us stuff like thursday night instead of friday when it came out because they knew we'd watch it thursday night and have it back by friday. And i know this older couple rick and rene owned. I can't remember the last thing to him. Kills me but shutout to them for fuelling. My movie obsession but Fatman little boy is about the. I think it's the manhattan project on over the name of it is but it's about the bums that they tested in nevada or new mexico and This one scene has always stuck with me. John cusack having effects of radiation and it's eyes are bloodshot is hang gets puffy and i seen has always stuck with me but paul newman's in it. He's really good. And this is all throwback that we put on the other next. My my husband had just re what had watched manhattan which i didn't get into but basically watched it 'cause he was watching it but it was just want to get into it but that also looked really good so we through that on and just late eighties movies or so. Good i saw about them. I love it. I'm watching the right stuff. Which is on disney and our friend. Derek hill design that beautiful job. It's if you don't know the at the Tom tom wolf's book the right stuff. There's also the early eighties. Movie with sam sheppard About the pilots who were recruited to be the first mercury astronauts. So it's a really good. It looks beautiful. The is just perfect. Color palettes perfect all of those spaceships and astronauts. On even how you do that. So great another throwback we watched was the front page with the walter matthau jack lemmon and a very young susan serandon. So it's really it's kind of funny. Spent an editor who tries to stop his like top reporter from retirement. Jack lemmon and there's like a ridiculous man on death row scenario with a hanging in the middle of the prison super weird but funny. Fun little throwback. I'd never seen it and then last night. I started the queen's gambling on net flicks holy. Hell it is good. I did three episodes right off. The bat couldn't stop stayed up way too late About like a nine year old orphan. Who learned how to play chess. And she's like a fiend on the wallpaper selection in episode. Two is worth watching this. The wallpaper in this house is awesome. Check that out I also looked to see that. It was written by walter sevice tests who wrote a hustler. The color of money and the man who fell to earth. So who knew this guy. The queen's gambit. Get into bat it's beautiful. I hope you guys are checking out the Videos that have put together some little clips of the interviews. That we've done we we. I have done here on the podcast and on youtube. The decorating pages youtube channel. And i also have them on the decorating pages. Podcasts dot com website under watch. So if you ever wanna see what i'm talking about..

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