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Maybe some of his lawyers one last thing before we go. Charlie i gather over the weekend. Even though robert durst attorneys have said repeatedly that durst is going to testify. There was some last-minute debate among defense team about whether he should in fact to testify. What can you tell us about that. Well i did get The impression over the weekend that was quite a bit of debate and it was touching. Go at one point. It sounded like bob would not take the stand and they would just present one witness and rest. And then i suppose they were gonna depend on the brilliance of their summation. But in the end. As i understand it. Bob insisted that he wanted to take the stand that he wanted to tell his store. Well i have to say that. The surest sign that robert durst is of diminished capacity. To me is if he in fact decides not to take the witness stand because the robert durst that we all know the guy who will as britney one said. Take that stand. Even if he's a brain in a jar with that charlie. Thanks again for being with us. Thank you and we'll look forward to what promises to be quite an eventful week ahead. Please remember that you can receive. Alerts and news breaks on developments in robert durst murder trial as well as new episodes of season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst by subscribing now on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts again if you wanna refresh your memory on where. The prosecution and defense are heading with their arguments in the trial. Go back and re listen to episodes from season. One and head over to crime story dot com for in-depth coverage of the story. Jury duty the trial of robert durst is created and produced by carryanne solis. This episode was written and edited by yours truly britney bookbinder it was co produced by alexis noto and brittany bookbinder. Music was provided by strike audio. Thanks for joining us. And we hope they'll come back for the next episode of jury. Duty the trial of robert durst.

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