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For democrats have both houses in the end we were willing to compromise because were not willing to go over the cliff were not willing to have a government shutdown it'll epa keith eldridge komo news a driveby shooting it tacoma friday night one man to the hospital it happened at the intersection of south 47 street and south oaksst essentially right outside the tacoma more police say one man was shot through his car door into his leg officers to looking for the suspect who it's no coincidence that neighbours in tacoma held a friday night rally that take back their streets from crime and violence the messages come from the place of frustration they're expressed where everyone can see them all the crime that's going on in our neighbourhood and everywhere in everybody's they ever had sandra ford says she's rallying after thieves broke into her home install all jewelry even know settled on frustrated me how it getting out of control even when the alarm scout neighbors divided up into groups standing along regis feet quarters in tacoma they want to take back their streets from drug dealers breakins firings gangs and prostitution for hiding against to be everywhere tbi here's county prosecutor michel inquest says police serve deputies activists the neighbors to tackle crime if they all work together which are saying here today are people live in this community who care about this community and it sends a strong message to everyone in the community and it sends a message those who might want to commit crimes community i love my senate reporting from tacoma tanya metaksa komanya many of us will celebrate america's birthday with fireworks but there are some things you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe on the fourth of july here's comost in east whitaker one this is a demonstration only by the adf to really highlight the dangers of fireworks hundreds of people in washington will end up in an emergency room over our independence day holiday the different medical center second every dealer with some amputation happens every year we want to prevent that this is why atf senior explosive enforcement officer brennan phillips runs down the differences between legal and illegal fireworks but this is very much while we used to see and still seats to this day being manufactured locally they'll fill this a flash powder some topic hughes but definitely quite a bit of powder and.

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