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Days a week six days a week. And you're like I hot. Yoga is just a miserable experience. Yeah it was three years ago and I was like. I'm never doing this again. A fallen in love with it back. Yeah it's like my favorite our day in the off season so it was a typical hour of volume. Like you end up in a pool sweat but it's very relaxing. I think for it sucks but it's relaxing at the same time and it helps other ways for baseball to like you know the breathing exercises everything like that kind of calm you down so just perfect for what I need. You're one of the few guys that were able to actually stay healthy last year. So far this year knock on wood. He's hot yoga the secret. I don't know man I don't know but you know I always make a little joke that you need a little fat on your phone call. It's a long season so one hundred sixty two games you know. Gee Played One hundred fifty eight. That's what a lot of people forget you know before last year He's just kind of had a bad luck. So but one hundred sixty two games fix the toll so you need a little bit extra. That's my reasoning. What have you thought of Eric Cressey on new training training staff. And all that. All new methods He's put a bunch of guys in place. I've had a little bit of direct contact with them but Mainly more with Donovan. Santa's who's going to be kind of the whole Minor League Guy And then Mccabe WHO's Who's the head Guy Now? And he's kind of set them up you know for exactly what he wants. And it's been great. They've been a great group. So would you officially like to say you're in the best shape of your life? Yes it's close. I came into. They wanted me to come into spring training at like two fifteen one year and I hit one homer in the first three months. Like getting Fatty That was probably the best shape I was in but but I hit one homer in like three months like so now. You're peak athletic correct. Let's go yeah. What is like a typical day down here when you have a relative off there? You're not playing. What are you doing your spare time so for me like you know if it's a stay back going you know stretch. Bp obviously you know. Try to hit a little extra either machine or what's called. Net drill is another big drill. I do take care of the body. Probably get home around one and then majority of time. I just take my dog to the park. It was the beach and it's A. It's a beach dog park so I chill there and then usually dinner you golfer no Gulf. I've closed down here. They're still in Scranton. And it's been working so I left him there. Okay sure so superstitious. Oh Yeah I'm very superstitious and everything Just leave them there. Please don't send what other things. Fallen superstitious I had a friend send me dirt from the field of dreams in two thousand fifteen euro at one homer to fifteen with one homer in the Florida State League. One of my buddy's DADS sent me a vial of sand from the field of dreams and was like this is good luck dirt. Just rub it on your batting typed out a little note or something like it can't get any worse. I started doing it every game now. Had them send me more last year says well? I think you're gonNA see some more is because what are your. What are your thoughts about heading down? There later in the year should be awesome screen. Sob Lit up to bring them back. Oh might need all this but no I mean it should be great time. They do a great job with all those. You know. Kind of a special series. I didn't go in the London series. That would have been. That would have been cool but everyone that went said it was amazing and you know we also have the two exhibition games in. Montreal which will be pretty cool and I'll be the race home. I guess in a little bit. Yeah something you know. I never been there so it'd be nice and you know I've never been to fill drain so it's you get to travel some places that I wouldn't normally go to for sure what we've just talked the talk and he's never seen field of dreams which I've seen parts have never seen it full through so I got to admit that too so I gotta I gotTa get that movie in before. Maybe like your flight over there. We'll just watch me. Okay this is what we're going to hear. What is your favorite baseball movie? Who Major Leagues Classic? Like a what? Is it little big league when the the guys the coach to? That's a good one too. I was hoping I I said last. Bench warmers and bad news. Bench warmers this classic. See a funny movie perfect fool. You Fair don't need. Sunscreen is eaten as on screen so obviously the competition first base this year and hearts. Kinda get in the Knicks are so him taking some Reps. What's been the competition like between you voight Harrison there too. I mean I think it's I think it's great that make us plan other positions that makes him extremely valuable for anyone with with his bat to And it's good that he's healthy. He's he's going to be a big part of the with me and it's just you know friends. We don't really talk about it. We just kind of go about our day. Whatever happens happens and you know so. What is your guys relationship off the field? You enjoy his wife's usually with them. So you know maybe here and there go to dinner but you know in the clubhouse and everything always friendlier. Yeah who's in your click off the field hanging out with my biggest guy was Nester. So he's gone by the time his friends with Tyler Lawrence instead. They like him because he was a wine his last name okay. Why mine came third. Yeah Nestor was my. We've come up together so as you know we've always played with one another for six years so it was easy and then a few of the other ones been traded away Ryan mcbroom was was a good really good buddy of mine and AAA He's killing it now with the royals which is good for him. But yeah I mean a bunch of guys in the clubhouse Wade Clint all good people Gardening you know arts. Just everyone's like everyone's Dad. That's awesome you mentioned. Clinton I feel like he gets like a bad rap sometimes media. We've had him on before and you know we thought he's cool. What do you think he sort of gets a bad rap? Sometimes what does he like truly in the clubhouse? Yeah I mean He. We are locker right next to each other in the clubhouse so we talk a lot. I think he's a little bit misunderstood For sure You know and that's going to happen with some some things that were said in the past and different things like that but you know he's done a great job handling this stuff I would even say from last You know playoff run to to now. He's he's been great about it. So thank you can switch the perception a little bit. Just it'd be better for him but hitting home runs. We'll do that. Yeah exactly like one soda a little bit. Have you been the subject of a victim of Brett Gardner Prank? I know he's No. I've heard a lot of ideas lately and they're all really good so once they're coming. Oh He's like the one that he did in. The past was great too that I heard on the only one that I've really heard about and then the car it's hilarious tells a little picture of. I think he said it was like one of the pitchers on the team is great. But there's one coming up. That should be pretty good. It's belong game too short game him having like a calendar getting with all the strings. It's time he's knocking to like confide and Mike and it just spits because it's going to happen. That's you had wild season last year become. What was your favorite moment from last year for you? I mean personally. It's gotta be the walk off. That was you know that literally was what I said in the backyard. Every day as a kid growing up like you know other than probably added game seven in their you know but it was also really cool to be a part of a lot of stuff to be honest with you I thought that was. You know. Three of the highlights. I think his three thousand three hundred fifty that milestone three thousand strikeout and then his sendoff with his family. I was like Oh man. I got sunglasses. Crazy emotional bud. Did you travel the team postseason? Or were you down in Tampa where I was just in New York. Those first two games that they played the Twins awesome to be around the atmosphere and just kind of get a taste of it and then came down here. So what is it like? Obviously you're watching all the games here with everyone down here. What's it like seeing. Come off that mound against the Astros in tears like that's it like going out with literally every of his body and put on the field. I mean that's just him he was gonna go until until it didn't work and he's done it for what he did it for twenty one years. I mean that's an incredible amount of time amazing career and just to a great person to it was. It was said at the time. But that's what he wanted to do. He wanted to give everything until he was done. Absolutely you mentioned that. Walk off home. Run against as being a dream. How'd you celebrate that? I didn't do much actually my high school one of my high school coaches was. There are two of them. Were there with their wives. And then my mom and dad were there so Just grab some dinner with my parents and kind of had a chill night and you know nothing too crazy New York's crazy place where it's tough to get on the train. After I go from the guy sitting in a corner that no one knows to just from one little thing to you know. Hey how are you like when you get on the train and now I gotta take an Uber But You know it was nice. It's nice to be you know. Have that and I guess. That was a good celebration for me. The weeks to come and just kind of starting to roll a little bit. Did you get noticed a lot after that when you started hitting a walk off and people in the streets start noticing comparative to before. Yeah definitely I was kind of the no one. So that's not a bad thing. The Weirdest Fan Interaction you've had is there. One that stands out. I get follow. I literally. I've gotten followed by train and Hendrickson actually and I had to fake it off on aspirin. Probably say the same thing that was like one of the last times I took the train. Got Off with with me and my stop. I was like you know to some random hotel to make it. Look like I live there but Yeah I mean just little things like that but nothing too crazy. I mean taking the train still thinking here. Okay taken it. It's just so tough to get an uber from the stadium. You gotta walk the walk like one or two ways and sometimes uber doesn't come in..

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