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You could have something really deep inside your heart to compete in whatever you're doing and i really believe that and i get emails every day from people who wanna compete in something or do something the first at asked him is like you know is this a good time your life to do is you eat all you qualify to do it or you eccentrics there center but also like do you have a strong reason run 'cause when your ten reps away from finish in the event and someone over there has a similar fitness is you but as a strong deep y you know whether it's they believe that god is giving them a talent for example or like frowning as an example or another reason they're gonna build a push harder if you don't have something right got to have some tub internal believe right reasoning why you're exactly how do you think being a top competitor has supported ju and in business or hurt you in business and the things you learn from sports or crossword helped to build your business away have yeah i mean if you look at like we are tom a mark cuban sport of business and i look at business as a sport as well and once they stop competing cross fit i really i've always looked at kind of the business side is sport right where you never know here competitors going to be but they're always come naturally someone's trying to take you down 'cause you if you're industryleading there's someone coming after you and so it's kinda cool because you always had to be on your toes and like this competition of business and so i think the competition across the really helped the business with no to rioting and things of that nature it added credibility but what it really did was on a firm believer that you're able to wake up early in the morning going the jim push yourself you're probably gonna do really great things throughout the duration your day through i think fitness the great corlett for that and i think anybody who isn't doing at least something whether it be a 10minute walk or whatever is missing out on something because of how good you feel in how his creates is mindset for the rest of the day just go crush it and so that's what really helped me do sure what would you say.

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