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And that's the face that us talking about and we didn't invest dollars and marketing until two years later two year, Yes, What's it? Perfect. I mean, we so I think it's an important port point because most direct to consumer companies that were grouped within and a great model, which essentially means we're going to market differently, right? We're cutting out the middleman and how we sell. Cuiaba also changed how we make right. So there's two very different parts of this. Problem. So we've changed the entire way we manufacture and design like the quantity, the styles, the number of skews like the countries in which we make it where where the material comes from, we changed all of that. And then we also changed how we sold right. So we actually tackled every single part of this business from beginning to end point from design manufacturing to inventory management to how we then go to market to even distribution. So every box is actually packed and shipped by Yata employees which enables us now in your seven to actually be an Omni channel company. And so you're going to hear a lot of stuff Rebecca about how there's all these direct to consumer brands that are opening stores. They are only now realizing what it means to warehouse and multi warehouse and actually manage inventory because they outsource that piece. Right. Like has been doing that from day one. I mean, every single part of it like Carlin I in the early. As like we packed in, we packed up every box in walked it down to FedEx because it costs money for them to pick it up, right. We did every single job in the company just the two of us, and I think that shows now. And so when we're going to consider decisions like Amazon or working with another partner, it's not that that will may that may not have that that will happen in the future. I don't know when that will happen, but currently in our brands in our branded our brands age, we're in it for the long term. We're making a brand that will not go away. And so it's just not the right time to take the kind of partnership on, but I think that's very instructive. When you think about your point about a number of the other kind of startup hot startup young consumer brands that are targeting, a lot of are no limits listener. A lot of those brands didn't build in the way that you've built Karan. They're having some really tough lessons right now as a result of that and. Many of them position the inventory situation in their stores as a customer benefit that they don't carry inventory in that store and we're, we're not sure about that. Right. Like I think most customers want to go buy a product in store and take it home, and you know, because they're not able to deliver an Omni channel way which is actually warehousing and having inventory in those stores. I mean, they are forgoing positive customer experience. What's been the toughest lesson for each of you along the way. I think to approach with confidence for me personally, like we don't come from this industry. And so I mean, we started a fashion company in San Francisco, right? Like coming from math and computer sites, like that's not really the traditional way of creating a fashion brand. And so coming into the room and coming into meeting with people in New York, and just knowing that we were an outsider looking in, but owning that with confidence that we have beautiful pieces that they want to hear about and really just treating that with confidence and and knowing we belong here, I think was a big lesson for me. Let me that would be part of my sales pitch. We're different and that is why you would want to invest in us because we have a skill set that when coupled with all of this is even more powerful true, which is a very great story in San Francisco, California. However, here. That can also be viewed this criticism right and disruptive. Like, are you trying to change with, you know, the whole industry hold sacred, which I think is also part of our message which were not. We're not trying to fashion as an amazing thing. You know, people love, fashion, women, love fashion. We should have fun with fashion that shouldn't have to be such a weighted guilty decision. Like let's enjoy looking great. So that's why we lead with fewer better things..

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