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But it was like energetic. Indefinitely I'm I'm sure it would warm up a whole body. But yeah, I just I love how everybody had their own style, but I think she definitely had her own style. She was galloping with her feet to wash. Yeah little almost gung him style or something. Yeah. Yeah. Kinda. Then after everybody had gone, we stood in a circle. Yeah. We went back inside. So we can kind of huddle up together at our arms around each other. Yeah. This was all again, pre covid. All of this would be like horrible things to do during over ninety dollars heavy breathing. In. An enclosed space together Yup. But yeah, it was a real nice moment. He brought us together and gave us a lot of inspiration. Yea. He said this nice thing. He said. So think about what's your ice bath? What other beneficial things do we avoid out of fear speaks to me because I think about like exposure, a lot psychological exposure and how important it is to making you stronger in very much. It is the opposite end. Of Fire Walking. It's Kinda. The same idea you put yourself through this kind of physical extreme. But then you have this metaphor now that you can apply to your life. Oh, Hey, I walked over the coals I can do anything. I. Sat in a ice bath. That's right. I can do many things. So, we're all standing there in a circle with arms around one another, and that woman who I wrote down here was his wife. So maybe I knew that okay, I just married them in the middle of my notes but. She said they had a discount code for anyone who would like it and they're also doing this with schoolteachers and they're starting to involve plants medicine. That's right. I forgot about that? Yeah. Oh boy, this could get interesting, which is code. For IA, usually I'm trying to imagine other it doesn't seem safe if we're talking about getting into water. Oh, God. I. Wouldn't want to be anywhere near water on Aska that's that's an accident waiting to happen if you WanNa hear our I o Oscar adventure, go check out our me a series. Do it. There's a lot. It's our longest series who boy, then he said something. So wonderful I had to write it down for them. He said we all have a bucket of shit inside us, but we rarely go through it and sift and see what's the air and at the bottom of that barrel is love. So is actually like. Heart beating at the bottom of a barrel and then just shit. On Just, what a mixed metaphor for the ages really really potent metaphor. Wow Barrel of Shit. All right. I'll have a bucket of shit. Oh, it's a bucket. Okay. Well, that's a little more manageable. At least it's not a birthing pool full of Shit Touche. fucking shit inside us. But we go through it and sift and see was there at the bottom of that bucket. It's love you might call that bucket are Amiga? LICO. Call Back for India and carries. Spanish, lessened. So after that, how are you feeling? Pretty good. I walked away from that fairly energized. I had a good time there, and as we started doing this podcast series I picked up the old Wim Hof App, Oh huff up that they had encouraged us to get. So maybe time talk a bit about my adventures in Wim. Hof are-. Cool. You'd on from this workshop and also the scientific studies that have been done on. Wim. Hof and his methods. There's more fear not, but weights I wanted to tell you. Hi, felt afterward. Afterward, how did you feel afterward? So I felt pretty good for the first two hour. You're having a Shitty Day. Yeah. I had come in having a pretty bad headache and that did pass and for the first two hours I was like, okay. I have to give some credit. My headache went away. Then two hours later returned. So short-lived benefit if it was a benefit, then the next day I was tracking this and I wrote down better today, but I had also taken a two mile walk and that's often helps. But that I had been extremely sleepy the day of the ice bath. Oh. That like that afterward. which seems counterintuitive. Or. Maybe just your body's been a lot and yeah, maybe calms down there. Carry. Let me just go out. Yes. Spent all your. Adrenalin. Yeah. I feel like I returned pretty quickly just to my baseline. Yeah. Me Too in a sense. So the next day I had a very bad headache. And era too, and if you'RE GONNA give credit to Wim Hof for the good stuff, you gotta give it to a bad stuff too. So I'm going to credit wim Hof with making the pain. Go Away I kind of have to say it gave me the pain back. Okay. Give. It credit for that a debit. Wonderful. Thank you. Apple pay. And speaking my friend Lindsay she said the best thing I've heard about one hof. Okay. I was describing. It's been calling him the home Ray Frio. She's a, she's a generator. I was describing to her the Wim Hof method and I said like what you do the and the you get in an ice bath at first, it's really cold, but then it starts to feel better and she said, okay, is there something that comes next door? See. That's helpful every now, and then when we're doing this podcast for someone to to say something like that like, and is there any real benefit? Why are you doing this and then you just stop you're like, oh Oh, there's no reason. No, no kind of like that seinfeld routine where he's talking about how we go to the gym just so we can be good at going to the gym. Oh sure because like where you actually using these things in real life well I. Guess that's kind of the whole point of this that you're getting out of your sedentary lifestyle, put yourself in these extreme situations, but then you have to. To ask, when am I gonNA need this makes sense with the gym. Really. But I think it is sometimes useful to give yourself sort of arbitrary goals to meet just to give yourself that exercise that practice of like overcoming obstacles, and here the claim is that dealing with the extreme will make you more adept when return to normal life. Actually, that's funny. It's kind of like a summation of the hero's journey. You go out and you have all these new experiences and you meet New People in the mentor and you. You'll fight these new photos and then of course, at the end of it. Now that you have greater powers knowledge and ability, you go back home to the Shire or wherever it is. You came from Tampa Wayne, and now you have this a different person. You're a different person that's right in everything is. Is Different than it was. Now, you are though wise adventurer and that is me. There's also a bunch of like a medical claims. So we'll talk about those next up. Yeah. Lots more to talk about. So we'll see again but dance it for this episode. But before we go, we just want to thank all our members for supporting the show. We're really grateful to everybody WHO's chosen to contribute financially, I'm breathing ingratitude. And I'm sure they're back. You, make it possible for us to make this show and do it in a way that's authentic and makes us not beholden to any particular corporate overlords just to the people who love our work. So thank you, and if you haven't had a chance to become a member yet, now's the time to do it. You can go to maximum fund, Dot Org, slash join, and thank you. You're welcome. Well, adds it for this episode, Dr Theme Music.

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