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Be back tomorrow with all the news. This mother gracia's excuse me. Is this seat open. There are no assigned seats on a southwest airlines flight. And that means you're next. Seat-mate could be chest about anyone. Hi i'm quentin jenkins i league community outreach. At southwest airlines and welcome to is this seat. Open on this podcast. We'll hear twenty stories from south west history from people like chief marketing officer ryan green. Leave it to southwest airlines to save the company by offered a bunch of free booze. Managing director of culture and engagement whitney ike inger. All of it coming together was probably the greatest piece of humor. I've ever seen at southwest and retired vice president of cargo and charter matt. Luckily i look back on coming. Get goosebumps relax and enjoy stories of south west fifty years of flying. Because you never know who. You'll meet the next time you hear. Is this seat open for..

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