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Team was a mouse and you weren't on it what was that feeling of fillers like i was too fast can vault that's what that's really why you've the year against the fan voting isn't it i felt like that before i was in that situation what does something else when you're living it and when you come up in an era end vinyl way by no means am i saying that i ever on a level of some of the people i'm a lot the name but when you come up at a time where in the league is michael jordan vince carter allen iverson big brother reggie miller lite those guys take it up sponsor yes you did play will allow alleged's so then it's other guys got a chance of sneaking air one or two years like allan houston in spree vintage jamal mashburn and then playing on the pacers it was like we're going to take two players and by the way the player that they always of course we take your red of course wii on my okay right congratulations rick bring me a tshirt the only yelled there is a fun davis i think these square on now mid salty i know that you were like all nicely cordial gave everybody a pound it's all the congratulations but i know you in your heart your lights all come on dale davis does he would get buckets what they are ready crossover for me he took me on a private play what i'm like i'm all you go in any way what makes me sad about that is this kind of like a championship because like you would always be introduced his nba allstar jalen rose of former allstar jalen rose and you've earned you.

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