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Go check them out right now already. So meanwhile, the media have discovered something new apparently there are a lot of members of the Trump White House who are white oh end of world. So they pointed out the Washington Post is the title of the article formal and casual White House photos show distance between Trump and increasingly diverse nation. In other words, he doesn't have enough black people near him or Brown people near him. And therefore he is some sort of racist. Now, I'm old enough for a call that when a Trump official went to a congressional hearing that person was accused of being a token by Democrats so frump were to stack his cabinet with a bunch of black folks, then they would accuse him of being tokenist. But if he doesn't then he's a racist. There's no in between. Here's the Washington Post during a piece of garbage reporting. It is a triumphant image President Trump smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera Flint backstage at a maga- rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan by team of confidence. Oldest son Donald junior. Former campaign aides Corey Lewandowski, and Dave Bossie and Fox News host Pete Pete hegseth, once considered for a cabinet post, the president's surrogates promptly posted the photo on Twitter last week, an emblem of nostalgia. For Trump's two thousand sixteen election and production projection of confidence head of twenty twenty yet the image. Also symbolizes subtext of the Trump presidency in picture after picture emanating from the most exclusive corridors of American political power. Trump is seen with a team of aids in advisors that is almost exclusively white of vivid. If unspoken statement of the distance between the president and wide swaths of a nation that is growing increasingly rapidly more diverse consumer remind me how many black people are on pods. Hip america? Anybody remember like none? Oh, sorry. That's awkward. How many black folks are there at the top levels of the BuzzFeed echelon or the huffpost echelon leeann every many my bad. But only Trump we are supposed to worry about this. With regard to that. Because he doesn't have enough black people sitting next to him some have as means that he is a racist. For a president whose agenda has centered largely undoing the legacy of his White House predecessor, Barack Obama the procession of daily images has served to reinforce the notion that the era of the nation's first black president is over. Oh, that's that's what happened here. So many white people, and that means that he's racist. Because. Obama had a lot of black people and that meant that Obama was a symbol of diversity. Maybe he just has a bunch of people that he finds to be qualified. Barack Obama had a disproportionate number of black people in his cabinet. He thought were qualified that was fine. I don't see why you race of the people is an issue here. It's ridiculous yet Eddie Glaus junior chairman of the centre for African American studies at Princeton says for eight years, we had young Americans from all walks of life. Looking to the seat of American power and seeing a black family and seeing diversity in all its fullness, occupy the White House in some ways Justice from policies have sought to a race Obama's policy legacy the images coming out of the White House aim to a race eight years of the visual black presidency. Yeah. I'm sure that's what was going through Trump's mind when Steve Mnuchin sat down have a black guy sit there, by the way, when he had Kanye west to the Oval Office that was considered bad to by the left. There's no win here for Trump. Of course. Because this is how it works coming up the brand new poll it shows that the number of people in the United States who abide by no religion at all is soaring. What exactly does that mean for the future of the country? We'll talk about it. This is the Ben Shapiro show..

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