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I want my bailout money you know sometimes even when it's a very serious situation this is the way folks in the military always dealt with it read about an old salt don I think he's on the line now and the keys for it sent me this in light of current events civilians now have an idea of what it's really like to be in the military and again this is not to make light of this very serious situation but for all of you who say thank you for your service listen to this this is what Israel like to be in the military the daughter of papers always gong being told how to do the simplest things over and over ordered around by numbers and sizes the group's watching others panic getting custom orders from up the chain there are always changing always being shown maps that mean nothing getting information that is always an operational period to even the leadership doesn't know what they're doing of being told what to do on your own free time standin N. lance all the time carrying around a mask all the time this is what is like to be in the military your weekend plans are revoked your favorite bars off limits being unlocked the download to your quarters always under curfew and always having travel restrictions that was sent to me by an old salt a navy guy named don from the keys would die I read that down I had to laugh out loud maybe the civilian population to get a taste of what it's like man well Chris and I hope they do and and ask to dar es as example of the dark humor yeah we had over back in our day and you know couple things I remembered vividly problem my bill of money but I don't want those APC's that they gave us over there the money that was worth we might use that as the the Sherman MPC's right and I just had monopoly money as we used to call it let it bags full of it and you know how many of the veterans they listen to you they might remember that yellow shock card that we got they they should never lose your shot Curtis you'll never get out of here yeah they shot us with that into guns in both arms Hey Chris many of us hung around to do street in Saigon is somewhere in Subic Bay in the Philippines were okay still yet I never went down there myself I am what about friends told me how it was hello I have read it told me what it was like yeah exactly what Chris I appreciate it you know you let me on today and and again clearly not making light of the situation that we're in but these people understand the situations that we were in probably were somewhat worse than this and we had that dark humor we we found something that cracks on another Gee I will answer was laugh about something or or you know just to break the ice a little bit and keep retention down I think we need some of that today you know I I know exactly what you're talking about in the face of you know rocket attacks friends dying and other things that you ended up making jokes about it because it was only one way to get from one day to another maybe some of our other veterans know that what was that other thing you sent me today about coming down the ladder to check in to see if you had a I'm all and everything else zero no no I was just doing a buddy check with your buddy check yeah buddy check out check your ammo changer socks no don't like those cigarettes let's smoke em if you got them we had Salem's and goals for twenty five cents a pack indeed you and got your smoke peas other fees you don't have borrowed from the squad leader right that's right that's right yeah all right well I appreciate you bringing a smile to my face and even in the face of something as serious as this outbreak okay you better if you keep up the good work my friend all right thank you yeah hi we'll move the show started in open talk there I said everybody who called in the last segment when dean was here I'll give special dispensation to call back again if you want to here's our number it is eight six six three nine one ten twenty that's eight six six three nine one ten twenty here's some things I think gas would like to talk about this open talk to go all the way to nine o'clock tonight you know everyone who's against socialism all of a sudden because of the corona virus pandemic that seems to be for it people whose views are as far apart as Republican Tom cotton senator from my home state of Arkansas and the OCS the liberal congressman we just heard at the top of the news telling all of her young friends not to go out in public and gather together because they're going to bring the corona virus back home we kill the grandparents the people as far apart on the political spectrum is that the liberal congresswoman from New York in the senator from Arkansas are proposing giving American workers at least a thousand dollars a piece and I have very socialism I don't know what is and soul of all of you against it when we talk about it with Bernie Sanders and his platform now all of a sudden now because your livelihoods are in danger you for it a Hey Joe Biden announced that Dr Ezekiel Emanuel is is advise on the corona virus yeah that Zeke Emanuel he's brother actually cargo bay and one time presidential chief of staff Rahm Emanuel who is an adviser to the previous administration on healthcare Dr Ezekiel dog disease Jeff is that individuals above a certain age be essentially cut off from medical services in I guess S. triage huh I wanted to A. R. P. crowd will endorse Joe well behind all of that and Joel maybe with the brain aneurysms use seven do you realize you're over the cut off age your own health advisors will cut you off be careful you select for vice president all right I got a ton of other things that I want to talk about but those are just a couple we can start right now with what you want to talk about eight six six three nine one ten twenty let's go to the phones and we'll go all the way to California run in Hamilton feels you don't get to gate thank you and your last this broader thought to me we're talking about the government financing which socialism if you will of of the people also have medical studies and so forth number he mentioned one company I do remember they invested a lot in HIV and HIV treatment that was given to you with similar to the virus we have now because it was a symptomatic that would be a symptomatic incubation term before H. and for a healthy kid a fifteen they could go to twenty five years old before they had absolutely important for testing that's that's why today testing is important for those as we get past those who were ill to see if we have carriers out there so I think that's an important issue to focus on the what what I originally had to what was to talk about and ask about this vaping situation which was designed to reach a market of children and from the onset and whether we are not that's going to cost us in years health care costs that are still in the dorm and asymptomatic stage for the majority of users which is between mid and high school students over twenty five percent of our kids are already affected now is that criminals to understand that you can you're going to get to market you can sell in portions because when you use the product it creates a hired to lead a degree of toxins what do you think so on the basis of it it might be criminal but it's not what yeah I mean for the standard of rule of law if you could evidence that they knew what they were doing from the beginning the new year got a product when they put the product out they put chemicals in it work we're warmer toxicants but it didn't tell you enter the market into use that when those chemicals receded they created other chemicals which were highly toxic these people knew what they were doing from the onset they copied the film are companies that marking sugar flavored drinks and that too flavored vaping products they knew it and that same company that they copied gave them over twelve billion dollars which is now in the market place reduce great deal but it's still this criminal intent there somewhere no I think you're right but pruning in there according to the letter of the law would be the difficult part I think that they knew what they were doing I think you do you're exactly right it was that designed to get people addicted to the vaping with the sweet flavors and the sweet alcohol drinks the same thing can you prove that that's illegal by be the hard part because you'd have to prove that they knew it all the time and that was their intent all right we'll take this break we'll come back with more of your calls your source for official traffic information on newsradio KDKA here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and since it's too amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke coke unless you're in France which would make it a cocktail of an Iowa Democrat a Democrat.

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