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I'm Ari of course joined by Jay noon and via remote none other than can you hear me yes all right. You're actually coming through great. It is indistinguishable from you sitting here in the studio. Well we actually actually. I brought the COMREX access machine and we didn't have time before the show. Get it set up but we will At some point be doing the show from here here with the COMREX. I'm waiting until I get a wired Internet connection and currently on with call what they're calling my fi which I have a wire running for my computer to the the router but the router isn't wired to anything else so it's a four G.. Lt Connection well doing pretty good that connection best I can set. I can tell it sounds pretty good I think yes. So we're talking about Tulsi. Gabbard lost the very tough. I've checked it with the very tough judges is in the discord room at discord DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT com. And they've they've given a passing grade which is high praise. Yeah so we're talking about Tulsi. See Gabbard Suing Hillary Clinton. Have you seen this J. I actually heard I- lucrative Hausky talk about it on the way to the show. I was listening to his. He does a daily. You Know Little fifteen eighteen twenty minute newscast and yes. He was talking about it and rightfully so. I am glad that somebody is going against the Queen of warmongers. I mean gene for Hillary Clinton get up there and Bash Tulsi Gabbard which I thought actually benefited Tolsey a lot and anyone who hillary doesn't like US probably at least a not terrible person and my book unless you work in some form of publicly funded union like the unless you're a member of the American Eric and Educators Association. Because almost every school teacher of I've ever met is like all about Hillary Clinton and I and I know because is my aunt is a professional in the you know. She's freshman parasite in school. Industry worked in public schools whole life and her and all her buddies just love. Hilary thinks thinks she's great so guys I have to go there calling about that wired connection right now have a time. Thanks for the call. So Clinton Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill is saying that's ridiculous of course a lot of people mark as well have said that you know this. Entire Democratic Circus is just them trying to make Joe Biden the front rudder while also allowing him to be as stupid and prone to gaffes as he is so that Hillary Clinton can come later and swoop in and rescue the Democrats Joe Biden also while I was driving here. There's no Internet service for a good chunk between you know my place in keene and so I listen to NPR. And I listened to about. I don't know probably twenty five thirty minutes of testimony. They were like playing the impeachment stuff right and all the Democrats are crying. They are so upset that Donald trump cut aid in the form of military aid. That I'm sure is being funneled. Donald into like Berets Ma. You know the company that Joe Biden's son works for and then Nancy Pelosi has Some relative working in Sodas Harry Reid I've seen You know Poor people go to you. Know Go to other countries to die and But the the Children L. Journal Pelosi Biden and a couple other Democrats. You know go to You know Ukraine to work for gas companies and make crazy salaries and that's probably exactly what happened is. US aid is probably being funneled directly to these like Hunter Biden and other such criminals who just because their fathers are. These is criminal politicians. Just get money. That's sad to me I mean. Isn't that how they've always done it though with the Clinton Foundation essentially just taking US foreign aid and using it to enrich themselves while making token efforts to restore infrastructure and things like that like in Haiti. Yeah Yeah just going to say it was eight point one million dollars that they stole from the Haitians or billion. I can't even remember the a number. And what's the difference between a million and a billion anymore who even knows the way these guys throw numbers around but yeah I told you also sued Google Awhile back. I don't know what's going on taste. Because at the first debate she was in toll. Sees campaign bought a lot of Google advertising to advertise her like basically basically like shortly before the debate ended for the next six hours and they totally shut down her whole account on this. This was actually one of the first things that really got. My attention on. Tolsey is the fact that Google sense censoring her and this was back right at the first Democrat debate six six months ago or so listen to this quote from Hillary. Is His mind boggling. She's the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. And that's assuming Jill Stein will give it up which she might not because she's also a Russian asset and that's how I watched that unacceptably. Ah reckless right and this is all. This was a two month old that that particular clip from the view at several muscled. Yeah Yeah just unbelievable. she would come out and say this of course he also has said repeatedly that trump is Russian asset. I'm sure that anyone that Bernie Sanders is a Russian asset in her mind signed her as a Russian assets. We gotTA understand. Actually Hillary is the Russian asset. If we're going to go down that Road Joe Biden has got this sweet contract with Peres MMA. He bribed the the government of Ukraine. Here's a video of him bragging about it with a hot mic. Bribing how he's how he's bragging bragging to sum up some buddies like he's at the country club about how we said. We're going to stop this you know X.. Amount of billion dollars worth of aid to your country unless you stop investigating eight my son and well darn. It didn't didn't the prosecutor get fired. The next day over there. And they got their money and then that money probably went to his son and business research. Israelites impeachment thing right. Yes yes this because I haven't followed that at all everything. There are peach and trump of. They've done it. Of course I like I knew you this girl growing up. We had to keep stuff locked up. When she was around he was a thief? She was a liar and when she talked trash about somebody it was. She was was like projecting her own crimes. And there's a lot of we all know someone light and this is all that's happening so after these comments Merrill confirmed politico that Clinton and was referring to Gabbard as though there was any doubt that she could have been. The governor lawsuits say Clinton had refused to apologize or retract. The comments which described as devastating to a United States dates politicians reputation and made them knowing they were false well speaking of damaging a you at night estates politicians reputation. I would imagine imagine that if Tulsi Gabbard Tolsey suit against Clinton the successful than trump will be suing hillary himself cool. Yeah let let them all sue each other other absolute poor. Of course. They won't because all of this money will end up going somewhere well. Hillary doesn't have any money per foundation. Has It all. Yeah so I I hope that Tolsey campaign or Tolsey is suing something that they can actually get some fruit from while they service for fifty million dollars representative Gabbard must defend her good name and Hold Mrs Clinton and accountable they lawsuit intends to just that said Ghabra's lawyer. Brian done more on this. In a moment eight five five four five zero three seven three three was hillary right or was she just just a crazy old.

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