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The guys can do and alex pendants really good driving a loose racecar words. I don't know how is extremely good at it. So just thank you pick up on and it's more places maybe you're struggling to go look and see like what they're doing for gas and brake overlay or how much to turn on the wheel and wear so it's more places by the struggle at the look more into that but i mean everyone drives a little bit different. Everyone likes the car finding a little differently. I don't trust too much to go. Look at an harvick's data and be like dr exactly like that works. So yeah just trying to learn as much she can and but not like. Don't sell your cell phone. It in this is what i need to do this. This gotta i'd try to work it into driving style and seemed to work so far. What is prepped. look like for twenty twenty one. We're here now. It's getting to be late january. I imagine you're not just sitting around kind of in a bubble. I assume you've already talked to jeff in guys and maybe then to the shop. So what is prep..

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