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ESPN news any minute now out hopefully, have dabble Sweeney coach at or any defending champion Clemson Tigers on but until then let me say this. Car Kouzmin looked explosive last night. For the Los Angeles Lakers. He looked incredibly impressive last night for the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no doubt about that. But let me tell you something. All the glitters ain't goal. You. See? Here's the problem. You arrive in. We were raving about Brandon Ingram. We'll get into all of that. In the second. He's on the line right now. And let me tell you the laser gentlemen, if there was ever a man that could shut me up. It is this individual. He is my next guest. He is a man that for four consecutive years. I have picked against him. And obviously two times of the national championship game. I was dreadfully wrong, particularly with this one. I'm talking about the great one himself the head coach for the Clemson Tigers. The reigning defending national champion. Clemson tigers. Davos Sweeney is on the line with me right now. Coach, how are you, sir? Congratulations. Oh, good. Happy new year. Happy new year to you. I gotta admit. But it's rare the this happy to be wrong. But I gotta tell you you guys were sensational out. So you're imitating me before the game. When I pick Alabama five four three two one. But. That running on loop for like weeks around here. You're the one that created the ROY bus. You didn't even know it. I didn't know I didn't know I just taught to me coach. How did I mean when you put into perspective what happened just this Monday night? How did it go down like that? What transpired in your mom? Well, we're the best team. And I told our team. About midway in the season. I felt like we had the best team in the country. And I said we're going to have the opportunity to prove that let's just keep our head down keep grinding keep going to work. And you know, we want thirteen to fifteen games twenty points or more. And and we had just that we were the first undefeated playoff matchup with Notre Dame. And and then the first undefeated national championship match-up. And and you know, when when you beat Alabama forty four to sixteen there's really no it's so funny to hear all the people trying to make excuses and explanations, and instead of just you know, what we were the best team simple as we were the best team. I thought we were the most talented team and that game this year. And that's all that matters. And these guys proved it it was kind of a drop the mic moment for those guys. So happy for our seniors. And we it was a dominant performance. I thought we were better in the trenches with they had zero sacks. We pressured their quarterback. We we were able to get something going in the run game just enough. And then we felt like we had great matchups. Skill on skill. And we had explosive plays or quarterback played great. He played great all year. I'm not sure why everybody was so worried about him all of a sudden turned into something that he wasn't. But from matchup standpoint, we felt like it was a great match up for us, and you know, all year long. Everybody was this is the best Alabama team they've ever had. And so, you know, we were just the better team and played better made great plays one in the trenches. They had turn overs. We didn't we had Saks. They didn't we made plays. They had not very many. We were good in the red zone. They weren't. And that's really what it comes down to and games like that. But I mean, they're a great team. But we were the best team this year. And you know, you say Kansas told Nick afterwards, I said, I'll see you next year because they're not going away. That'd be that'd be. Right back next year for sure and and they've been unbelievable champion, but this particular team that we had here slump just so special from day one coach Dabo Swinney educate me on this. You know, as you said everybody all year long was talking about Alabama put tick Uley when it came to its quarterback tour type of Ola and everybody was talking about two or as if he were invincible what is one thing for two to ask what coach says to the players to get them ready cetera..

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