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The envoy absolutely <music> in life hey army on their dream at the mall my of guarding the wringer ringing langer not among the ever here hey thanks for sticking around so today we talked with dr duck middle filled about some of the cooler infamous meteorites that have been discovered throughout the years and then some interesting stories about an article and how he's finding them it's really a cool processing he works with a uh a ends met is there an arctic search for meteorites so if you want to learn more about an smet and some of the adventures that are going on in an article on some of the curious findings in these meteorites especially some that nair may not be life as it turns out that there were some you know fate meteorites at the end of their which is kind of disappointing but that's okay you can go to aries dot jse dot nasa dot gov to get the full scoop on all of these cool meteorites and and you can learn how to get your hands on winning these meteorites samples to study them uh if you go to uh social media on the nasa johnson space center accounts or if you go to a aries or astra materials nasa astra materials we got um pages on facebook twitter instagram where we like to share these stories i just use the hashtag ask nasa on we're pleased on your favorite platform to submit an idea or if you have a question about meteorites or if you want to submit a new topic off with shouts meant make sure to mention its for houston we have a podcast so this podcast was recorded on january eighth 2018 thanks to alex perry men greg wisemen tracy cow hoon and jenny nuts and thanks again to dr duck metal phil four coming on the show we'll be back next week

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