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Why would you want to go? One more day struggling with that worn out car truck pouring money into repairs. You don't wanna do that treat yourself to a new Ford and see how easy Kaelin Rachel would can make it to shop at elk grove four. During December the deals are exceptional like a lease on a new twenty eighteen f one fifty four by four supercrew for three ninety nine a month over thirty six zero do from customer on signing five units available or twenty eighteen explore sale. Price to twenty four nine ninety five after Eighty-one forty in net savings VIN ends in four to six. Oh one. See dealer for details. Credit approval required. And remember that elk grove is now offering a plan pricing victims of the camp fire with documented losses of vehicles a plan price in the same price offered top level, forty employees, so outgrow Ford. And now they're sister store team Ford woodland they're open to serve you every single day. Kaelin Rachel would the owners they're gonna make it a great experience. Learn more at elk grove foreigner. Just head down to the elk grove auto mall right off a highway ninety nine. Marqueed here the entrepreneur next door on a mission to ignite the entrepreneurial revolution every Saturday morning at nine we share the untold stories that inspire educate and connect entrepreneurs embrace innovation. Create jobs and move the molecules my guest this week have information you need Brandon Ralph from California Bank and trust. And Craig Freeman of OC communications, our e sop experts and Christopher to and he's the founder of market share public relations. It's the MARTINI show Saturday morning at nine brought to you by marquee media. Ladies are you still wearing that old uncomfortable traditional bra all the constant polling and adjusting? If embarrassing you need the Kubis.

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