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And listeners. To what's happening in israel and give you insight behind. I'm your host michael unterberg here with producer matt lipman. How're you met very well. Thank you michael. Good often and today we are joined by guests. Former co host of the podcast. Alan goldman. how're you doing alan. Kay mike just. I didn't bother preparing by violent. I must admit. I didn't think that was necessary. I'm insulted i think. That's to allen. Would you like to introduce you to now. I'm a little disturbed that you've gone from your usual okay mic to just okay might a couple couple weeks in israel. That's true and that's where we're at a difficult moment and that's what we're gonna talk about although we're also political somewhat turning point moment. I don't know that we'll have time to get to talking about netanyahu running out of time to form a coalition for the fourth time in a row and now the president is three weeks. Three weeks still to talk about trying to form that new change coalition. that's true huzzah. But i don't know that much is going to change so we have as long as we want to discuss this moment where the president has presented yet your lupita teed to farm it and we'll see how successful he will be but we wanted to discuss some major events going on in the news. Obviously we wanted to address the tragedy. The lug omer tragedy at me run and we also want to talk about something that i think is only going to grow in the coming weeks in the news. And that's the evictions at shake jara the jerusalem neighborhood. So where are weak little less than a week. We're recording on thursday afternoon. So it's just about a week since log omar Since the tragedy at marrone forty five dead Dozens wounded an enormous trauma. Threw out the. I would say jewish world at the at the the horror of these wasteful deaths. And we've also been looking at reactions in the haredi world because they obviously were the the largest numbers of people at these sorts of events. Were haredi jews. What are what are your insights and reactions a week. After upon reflection allen money you start us off guests gopher. Okay well. I guess my reaction first of all is i. Guess it's natural because as you mentioned the focus was in the world but if you look at the regular press you know it's kind of moved to back page news at this point i i guess until there's like an official official inquiry start giving their reports and things like that. It's going to move to the back. It's going to stay now underneath in the haredi. Press silly one. That i i follow it. Still the front page news. It's still going on the still the the week of Of morning still going on..

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