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Fact, I have every reason to believe them intellectually, not emotionally. No. I want what they're saying to be true. But Intellectually, I can't Come up with a reason to doubt them. What could their motivation be? Because if It turns out That they're making Fraud. I can't. There's nothing in either person's life. Life's work, her track record that would indicate That this is a Standard operating procedure for them Now, that doesn't mean it isn't possible because slim people are people and they do crazy things and They have, you know, crazy motivations, and we can't possibly know everything going on these people's lives. I'm just telling you on the surface here and even little deeper than the surface. Cannot imagine. Them at the specificity. That they're alleging things that have happened here. So It's just it's Impossible not to believe this. They start asking. Well, Okay, So what's next? I mean, you got a list? Evidence where you gonna do with it? You have all this evidence to whom are you going to present it? Now, A lot of people think that there is conflicting information. In all this and that because of the conflicting Information. People don't know what to think about the election results. And I'm using the word information because the word news is now totally meaningless. You realize there's no news anymore, folks. As I have told you over the many broadcast years, there's no news is there's just You know, a bunch of Charlotte turns out they're presenting information that has been Manipulated. Exaggerated Made up. What have you Now there are some sites also that some might say You're cook sites that are also in on this. They're in deep on it. Said Cook sites because You never heard of him. And they will let me retract cooks that just some sights you've never heard of. And so you might say. Okay, Well, I can't invest in something I never heard of. Why can't you You realize that anybody on earth And access the Internet and write something and posted there. And my friends. One thing I've learned just by on virtue of my own life. There are not just a few people. That end up being qualified. Opposed opinions on the Internet. You know, in the old days when it was ABC, CBS, NBC and the two newspapers, The Washington Post New York Times If you had a commentary job any of those places If you were an up and columnist New York Times Washington POST If you were commentator like Eric Severeid with bad teeth At CBS. Howard K. Smith. Why don't we do one? Howard K. Smith. They all had him. They all have their comments. Those jobs were precious. Is there were only five or six of them. I'm talking about on air. The newspaper op ed people are more numerous than that. But back in those days, we're going back now to the sixties, the modern era 60 seventies. I am almost the entirety of the eighties. Those jobs were special. And the people that did them were thought back then, to be special. There was a reason you should listen to Eric Severeid, as opposed to friends. Labbadia, Nick. Writing a letter to the editor in the Osh Kosh Gazette. There was a reason why you should pay no attention to some guy writing a letter to the editor, but you ought to pay attention to Eric Severeid, and that was part of the image creation. It was part of the way the networks created the aura. Of uniqueness. That only people who worked for them were capable and qualified. Render opinions learning opinions on politics, science, you name it. Then something fascinating happened. In 1988, a guy came out of nowhere that nobody ever heard of and started a radio talk show. And he was the quintessential guy that writes letters to the editor of the Oshkosh is that it was me. And I started a radio talk show and it took the country by storm. And one of the reasons That I was such a threat to these people was the very Fact of my existence. I should not have been allowed to happen. You don't get to be on national media. Telling people what you think and what they should think. Particularly about presidential and political Events politics. Without having paid some dues. But I have been going to the right schools, but I haven't gotten to know certain people. It was a club. It was the early forerunner of the establishment. Deep state. Whatever you wanna call it, and here I come. I come from a town in the Midwest. I did not graduate university or college. I Had Literally, no resume that when in any way, be acceptable. By people. We're doing what I was doing, He said they were doing it. New York Times Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC. It shouldn't have been possible. That's why they've resented me all these. It's why they present Trump of the president should not have been possible. I should not have been putting up. The point I'm trying to make to you is That if I can come out of nowhere And Attempt. To build a radio show based on my love of politics, my desire to discuss it with people of the country and if that show can succeed beyond anybody's wildest dreams. Then it it destroys the myth. But only I select. Few are qualified to do it..

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