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Two hundred fifty eight million dollar contract is is that mobility. It's kind of a blessing and curse. Because we've seen josh allen. Take some really really tough. Hits so far is three year career. And i'm not saying is definitely going to happen but you always run that risk of getting hurt taking your head. That's way too big. And then you don't know where you're at if you have a serious career threatening injury with a quarterback the invested all this money in but look josh allen. Seems like a tough guy great teammate. He seems pretty smart with His ability to know when to take hits and when he's taking risks but that's just something that would be in the back of my mind as a bills fan. But i mean if you think about it any every team has to worry about that so not too big of concern now. Does this put the bills in position to really be the kings of the afc east for the next. What at least. Six plus years with josh allen at the helm i mean. I think it's very likely. Because a great defensive minded coach in sean mcdermott. Who really turned things around both the defensive side of the ball but also has over a football culture standpoint. He's really starting to build a winner and a winning team. That believes that they should be winning every year year in and year out but look we still have a tough division in the afc east. Eastern bill belichick. If mack jones can be the future for new england And then you have still have bill. Bocek coach defenses in that division. That's going to be tough test every season no matter what if mack jones can be that guy. Then you've also got to attack lows development if he can take that josh allen level leap of growth in the next few years then that is going to be another team because you have a defensive minded coach bryan flora's you've a team that had great overall defensive play last year great special teams play a team that is really rallying around their coach in miami. They're going to be very good because because of how the roster's set up with all the young talent that they have all the draft picks that they had been building up. And if two can be that guy which. I'm not sure if he can and i i would bet on him. Not being that guy. But if he is and that's another obstacle that the bills are going to have to move move through but if you had to put your money on one team. I think it would have to be buffalo. Because of how good josh allen played this year he's likely going to be in that running for. Mvp this upcoming year. And then you still got the jets. Who should eventually be a formidable opponent in the next three. Four years if wilson of takes that next step because he's a quarterback that i think has a lot of those josh allen type attributes the big arm. The kind of run around make plays happen. Type mentality that you need in today's nfl blossom into that level of a quarterback and they'll be another greet to twice a year matchup between alan and wilson that we could see in the afc. So i think this sets up the bills berry nicely to be kings of the afc east for the next six plus years as long as josh allen too fond digs are together but once again. That's a tough division. Bilbao check is still in it. Brian floors and the dolphins are still in it. So a lot of more unanswered questions for those teams but again i think josh allen and the bills will run that division for the next few years. So that'll do it for my first segment of today's show once again you're listening to the gmc football podcast presented to you by the golden state media concepts..

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