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Art or maybe in some really good announcer and yeah just go to platform for new flamboyant really good guy now it's good that when we get attached to people whether it's sad because we know the personally or just because of what they meant to us i mean that's the thing about broadcasters is that you can feel like you know them if they do their job ah the well you feel like you know them and their friends of yours even if you've never met that and seven point that has my whole yeah that's how you separate the from the pretty goods for her thanks jeff i appreciate the call from ontario as a new jersey i've never heard that terror before that's fantastic letsie couple of your tweets ryan semi as series of tweets i'll read part of that he says for the pros my favorite was the late jack buck i don't believe what i just saw two guys remember that call one of the most iconic homerun calls in in the history of baseball and that was buck q so good and mike shaded actually who still does cardinals games on kmox radio and he says that was the soundtrack to my summers as a kid and then he says my favorite pro now the voice of the san antonio spurs bill schoning rare one man who is by far the best in the nba so right lyon interestingly enough more and more nba teams are going to what may booths on the radio because they don't want to pay for an extra analysts to travel when more people watch on tv but bill bill is not only awesome he's out really he's really funny when you talk to specifically are we on the radio show he could tell great stories and so we have had bill here before he always tells us that he likes our show that the great compliment summing coming from someone is accomplished as bill mike says milo hamilton as a broadcaster he was he said astros correct in some milo hamilton uh let's see niners fan here this comes from the bay area for the radio it's ted robinson he's the motion is unmatched in my opinion tv it's kitty albert for sure and.

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